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Free Download: Gomma Podcast—Munk "Autumn" Mixtape

Free Download: Gomma Podcast—Munk "Autumn" Mixtape

Up for a little weirdo disco voyage this morning? Munk kick things off with an edit of 70’s rock classic “In A Gadda Da Vida” made by DJ Mooner. Then things get more electronic with some new Moullinex music, the great new Barking Dogs single “Margherita,” which we have been enjoying a lot as of late. BTW, Barking Dogs’ previous single “Mamarracho” is another one of our favorites. Finally ending with an as of yet unreleased song of The Deadstock 33s' upcoming album on Gomma. Enjoy…

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1) DJ Mooner “In A Gadda Da Vida” Edit
2) Unknown
3) Moullinex “Hypnotize”
4) DJ Steef “Fomo Men”
5) The Barking Dogs “Margherita”
6) DJ Dick “Bust a move”
7) NiCe7 “Time To Get Physical”
8) Unknown
9) Los Amigos Invisibles & Dimtri from Paris “Glad To Know You” (Ray Mang Flying Dub)
10) Unknown
11) Moullinex “Keep You Close”
12) Tomas Barfod “Till We Die” (Blondish Remix)
13) Munk “The Knights of Heliopolis”
14) The Deadstock 33s “Whistling Heart”

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