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Free Download: Jokers Of The Scene x Dust La Rock "A Lovely Sort Of Death Mix"

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Free Download: Jokers Of The Scene x Dust La Rock "A Lovely Sort Of Death Mix"

Tomorrow, November 16th, HVW8 Gallery (located at 661 N. Spaulding Ave. Los Angeles CA 90036, open Tuesday through Sunday 1:00–6:00 pm) will present “A Lovely Sort of Death,” the debut dual exhibition of Joshua Prince (co-founder of and creative director for Fool’s Gold Records), otherwise known as New York based artist and designer Dust La Rock and Chicago based artist Cody Hudson, aka Struggle Inc. The exhibition focuses on exploring the balance of life and death in our daily lives influenced by drug use (the rise of euphoria as well as the downward spiral) with the intent of coming into contact with a greater spiritual or cosmic order and much like an alchemist, dissolving away all but the very gold of truth.

This mix is inspired by and composed for the show. A limited gallery edition one-sided 7-inch featuring the “Theme” will also be made available at the opening.

Opening Reception: Friday, November 16th 6:00 – 9:00 pm

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