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Free Download: Lullabies "Yuna" Adventure Club Remix

New electronic music here, get your free EDM download. Canada’s dubstep duo, Adventure Club, has released yet another astounding remix well worth your attention. This time, the two take on the song “Lullabies” by Malaysian singer Yuna. From the intro alone, the emotions begin to build. The deep piano chords that kick off the track set a sort of melancholy mood, while your ears are completely fixed to the harmonics. A sense of absolute bliss kicks in when the vocals are introduced and the angelic voice of Yuna echoes through the speakers. The combination of the chords and the vocals create such an indescribable feeling only felt through certain kinds of songs (goose bumps and that warm feeling—like this). This song would not be an Adventure Club track without chopped vocal samples; the original sample is chopped into a melody that leads to the awaited drop. The heavy bass in the drop is made to work with the lyrical theme of the song and creates a tension that is relieved when the vocals return. Unlike previous released singles, Adventure Club adds a little drum n’ bass outro which a lot of dubstep artist are doing nowadays. I highly recommend that you keep your EDM culture eyes peeled for their new stuff. They have a belief that music should be free so show them some love and download “Lullabies” for free by liking them via Facebook.

Free Download: Lullabies "Yuna" (Adventure Club Remix)

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