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Get Lost with Acid Pauli

Get Lost With Acid Pauli

Martin Gretschmann, aka Acid Pauli, is a German underground producer, a master of knobs, known for his remixes and edits of bands like Radiohead. In addition to producing under the Acid Pauli moniker since 2003, Gretschmann also claims membership to indie rock band The Notwist and 13 & God, which is a collaboration between American hip-hop duo Themselves and The Notwist. He’s also been producing solo under Console for quite some time now and also makes electro and minimal techno under the For God Con Soul moniker. Martin Gretschmann released his solo album MST as Acid Pauli with one of our Brooklyn favorites, Nicolas Jaar via his Clown and Sunset imprint. If you haven’t heard it, definitely give it some attention. Tracks “A Clone Is A Clone,” "(La Voz) Tan Tierna" and "Eulogy For Eunice" provide good insight into what the album is all about. You can pick it up via Juno here.

Coming off the success of MST, Acid Pauli is about to release a massive compilation titled, Get Lost V on legendary underground  label Crosstown Rebels to mark their fifth year anniversary. The mix is about two hours in length and features tracks with ambient, arabesque grooves and new songs from Jaar and Acid Pauli. The sounds take on different spectrums that really do make one "get lost." A seemingly good fit for the weird 4 am sounds that Crosstown has become so infamous for. Look for Get Lost V to be released on the 19th of November—full tracklisting below.


Most of the remixes or edits come to birth while I DJ...

I had a chance to catch up with Acid Pauli for a chat about this mix and the future...

Tell us about your Get Lost 5 mix, what was the brief when Damian approached you?

In fact, at the beginning there wasn't any. Only one or two tracks that he heard and loved when I was playing for his birthday...later on Damian came up with two or three more ideas, for example working on an edit of "Moment"...

You produced your solo Acid Pauli album MST for Nicolas Jaar’s Clown & Sunset. You have now completed the Get Lost mix CD project. How do these solo efforts compare to making a Notwist album? Do you have a preference?

No, it's both very important for me. But there are surely some differences between those projects. The Acid Pauli stuff is mostly happening in one day (or night) sessions, I don't like to spend too much time on the single tracks, because I like to catch the feeling of a certain moment, just like a snapshot. Whilst in the Notwist the working process is a lot more conscious and deliberated. Every song takes a lot of time to be finished. For sure it's also totally different to work with a band than by oneself. But as I said in the beginning, both are important for me and both is feedbacking into each other, which is great.

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How’s The Notwist going? Working on anything?

Momentarily we are working on a new album that will be released next summer. Then we definitely want to come back to the US again.

Your music is very melodic and unique and diverse. What are the some of your key influences?

A lot of different music, the sounds and sensations that surround me.

How did Acid Pauli originate?

It started about 12 years ago when I was forced to buy a new laptop (cause the old one got stolen) that was finally capable of processing audio. So I was able to play just with a computer no other hardware.  That led me to creating a new solo-set that with the years evolved into a DJ live set more than a straight live set...

What genre does Acid Pauli music come under?

Someone else has to put it under a genre. My job is only making the music....

How do you think American audiences would react to it?

Dunno, we'll see in December.

Your remixes and edits have gained a lot of attention in Europe. Could you tell us about your creative process when it comes to working with material like this? How does it differ to when you produce a stand-alone track?

Most of the remixes or edits come to birth while I DJ... I always try to combine different music when I play and sometimes I find nice combinations that I play more often and then sometimes again I feel like I have to make a "proper" edit/remix of this. Making your own tracks is a bit different because you can release them afterwards without problems.

You are famed for marathon sets. What draws you to playing upwards of ten hours? Does a set like that need to be performed in a specific venue to a specific crowd?

Definitely! It needs a specific place and crowd. People need to be able to sit and lay down comfortably when they want to, because those long sets are not always danceable...and the crowd surely has to be open minded to be able to enjoy the whole experience. Some of them take my name as program to help getting open minded....not a bad idea.


01. Ammer & Console (feat Reinhard Furrer) "Dann ist elektronische Musik an meinem Ohr"
02. NU "MAN O TO"
03. Normal Brain "M-U-S-I-C"
04. Soulcenter "What you're doin" (Acid Pauli edit)
05. Kadebostan "Love in Looxor"
06. Raz Ohara "El Zahir" (Acid Pauli's Acid Dub)
07. Günther Lause "Mountain"
08. Console "Grüner Raum"
09. Jan Turkenburg "In My Spaceship"
10. Acid Pauli & Laura Weider "Oregano"
11. Move D "Things Will Come" (…for Those Who Wait)
12. Ian Simmonds "The Wendelstein Variations"
13. Stimming "November Morning"
14. Juno6 "Dead Cities" (Douglas Greed Remix)
15. Nicolas Jaar "Play The Drums For Me"
16. NU "EARTH"
17. Stephen Brown "Cane't 2"
18. Acid Pauli "Farewell Fred"
19. Acid Pauli "Music Is Silence"
20. Pele & Nico Stojan"Belladonna"
21. dOP feat. Sibiri Samaké "Foly"
22. dOP "Ikarus"
23. Acid Pauli & Nannue Tipitier "Zeit Löschen"
24. Gunjah, Niconé "Peaz, Luv & Harmonium"
25. Taron Trekka "G.Samsa"
26. SIS "Machiste"
27. Kabale Und Liebe "Una Y Nada"
28. Tempo Di Roma "Move Your Bones"
29. Dirty Doering "Eté Pluvieux"
30. Amirali "Hear Me"
31. Calico Horse "Idioteque"
32. BlackIsBeautiful "Pergamon"
33. Francesca Lombardo "Is It True"
34. Metrika "Aok ot"
35. Console "Trainset"
36. Monkey Maffia "I Know You N.m.S."
37. Rayon "Libanon 7"
8. Lou Kasard feat. Benno "Once upon"
39. Autechre "Overand"
40. The Band That Never Met "I'm On Fire"
41. Lake Powel "Bright Eyes, Dirty Hair"

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