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Instagram Profile Of The Week: Hardfest

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Instagram Profile Of The Week: Hardfest

(Ladies) just look at this picture of Diplo. Seriously, look at it. If this doesn't give you enough reason to follow @hardfest right now, we're not sure what will.

For those of you not drooling over Diplo, we do know you're just as bummed as we are that Gary Richards' Hard Summer and Day of the Dead are over. But fear not, you can re-live the night that you (may not) remember via Hard's Instagram account. The great thing about their pictures is that they give you a unique view that you don't have access to otherwise as a regular spectator on the ground. It's also a good fix for festival junkies who are bummed that summer festival season has come to a close

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Besides Hard Summer, Day of the Dead and Hard Australia, Hard is also putting on a bunch of shows at smaller venues such as the Palladium and the Roxy, as well as Boys Noize's tour, which has fourteen different stops remaining. For those of us cash-strapped because of the holidays, Hard's Instagram provides a sneak peak into those shows as well. As if that isn't enough, Holy Ship, Hard's Bahamas cruise, is also coming up at the beginning on January. It's too late to get a ticket now, but we're sure their Instagram will have lots of pictures of crazy revelries. Just as people may use Instagram as a way to vicariously live through others, you should have no problem indirectly experiencing parties, cruises, and club nights, and Hard's Instagram provides the perfect medium to do that, making it our Instagram profile of the week.

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