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Instagram Profile Of The Week: Molly Casa

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Instagram Profile Of The Week: Molly Casa

It’s not your usual life story. Molly Casa graduated from Emory with a 3.8 GPA, enrolled in a masters program to become a physician’s assistant, and then dropped out to pursuer her career of being a professional EDM dancer. Mix Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga together, add in some kandi, sprinkle on some PLUR, and you end up with Miami’s Queen Raver. Molly has been a staple in the scene for years now, and uses her instagram to connect with fans, re-live rave memories, and showoff her outfits (or lack thereof). Kandi, body paint, glitter, mirrors, and jewels are all on display for everyone to see.

Besides her crazy get ups, Molly also posts up times to meet up at shows, and also does giveaways. She recently gave away kandi worn by none other than the worlds’ #1 DJ, Armin van Buuren. Molly also has a second instagram, @mollycasaplurravers, which is dedicated to posting pictures of Molly’s legion of fans. Here’s what a life of a pre-med turned PLUR raver looks like, check out @mollycasa305.

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