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Introducing EDM's Newest Covergirl: Nervo

Introducing EDM's Newest COVERGIRLS: NERVO

If you haven’t already heard, there’s been a pretty exciting development in the EDM culture world this fine Wednesday morning: Just over an hour ago, Covergirl, in a bold move that brings some of the most inspired girl power behind EDM today, made the announcement that the talented DJ duo and sisters Nervo have officially been signed with them. That’s right EDmers, two beautiful and largely talented DJs have now become kin with one of the top beauty capitals in the world.

We are always looking for fun and fierce young women who can empower the next generation of Covergirls, and Nervo does just that while bringing the heart and energy of EDM music to Covergirl

In due fashion, Nervo will make their public debut as official Covergirls in the best way they know how: by spinning in style at a special Covergirl-sponsored event in NYC tonight, November 7th. And ensuring all eyes are on the turntables, Nervo will be showcasing extraordinary nail art designs created using the brand’s much-anticipated launch of Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss collection. The event will also celebrate Rolling Stone’s “Top 25 DJs” issue, which will be hitting the stands on November 9th.


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We’re both so excited to join Covergirl and be part of an iconic brand that shares our beliefs, said Liv Nervo. It’s been really important for us to stay true to ourselves, our style, and our musical choices throughout the years. We believe individuality is a trend that will always be in style and that every woman should rock what makes them unique inside and out.

The Nervo sisters have paved a bright and shiny path for women in a pretty male-dominated industry, which as you can clearly see, has not gone unnoticed.”Their determination is inspiring to all young women working to break barriers and create their own path. With their immense talent and never-give-up mentality, they are the perfect spokesmodels to encourage fans worldwide to dance to their own beat,” said Esi Eggleston Bracey, VP and General Manager, Covergirl Cosmetics.


Nervo will be joining the Starship Enterprise of the beauty world, stepping into ranks with Covergirl elites such as Janelle Monae, Ellen Degeneres and P!NK.

Covergirl is right for us, we believe beauty is a form of expression, just like music, and when done right, it makes us feel bold, beautiful and free.

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