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Ital Tek North American Tour—Plus Free Download

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Ital Tek North American Tour—Plus Free Download

So what gets Ital Tek talking at the pub? No it’s not his latest music or the football score, it’s transhumanism and emerging future technologies. The DJ did an interview telling everyone to visit this website here, which provides a glimpse into the future of technology and where our planet is headed into the next centuries and beyond.

Ital Tek, aka Alan Myson, is bringing his own futuristic sounds to the US this fall for a tour, which stops in 11 different cities throughout November, making its final stop in New York November 19 at Cielo. Touring is a primary source of inspiration for Ital Tek, who told Magnetic that it “really drives me because you see how people react to your music and you’re like wow, it’s a real thing. It’s great when people message you on Twitter and email you telling you how much they love the record. But to see people really going for it, that’s what inspires me to want to do it again.”

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While on tour Ital Tek will be playing new music from  Nebula Dance, his third full-length album released on Planet Mu. The album reflects a shift from his earlier dubstep and hip-hop infused sounds to his current more melodic, higher-tempo music, influenced by Chicago’s footwork style. “On one level I wanted to bring that sort of energy into my tracks,” Ital Tek said, “and on the other side I’m just a sucker for big sci-fi synths and I just love bassy psychedelic sounds. It was kind of me trying to meld together two very different influences.”

To catch Ital Tek’s Chicago footwork style at a city near you, look up his full list of tour dates below:


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