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John Acquaviva: Five Songs I Can’t Live Without


John Acquaviva: Five Songs I Can’t Live Without

Running down the list of accomplishments that John Acquaviva can lay claim to is a daunting task. If for no other reason than he’s been going strong for more than two decades—his career kicked off at the end of the ‘80s with Richie Hawtin when the two launched the esteemed imprint, Plus 8 Records. Since that time Acquaviva has produced and released a gaggle of anthems and more than a few chart topping tunes and has travelled around the world entertaining dancefloors. Acquaviva also runs Definitive Recordings where he champions the new generation of EDM culture producers.

1. David Bowie “Golden Years”

Lip Sync is terrible but everything else is totally ‘wow.’ This is the young David Bowie but already burned out and realizing that he is all about the music lifestyle/culture, on the cult black dance show Soul Train talking about dancing and the future being oh so bright because he will be there in the end. This is a song about thinking and living long term.

2. Donna Summer “I Feel Love”

The Christian singer Donna Summer becomes a disco sex icon with Giorgio Moroder in the background pulling all the strings. I don’t have to say how important this song is, but Donna was an accidental tourist in all this… proving that best laid plans mean nothing at the center of the storm.

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3. Marvin Gaye “What's Going On”

One of the greatest albums of all time and this is arguably the main track. Lifestyle culture and heart… this song has it all. Get the album and read all the lyrics. Marvin was about love… and this is the heart of soul, funk and clubbing.

4. Lil Louis “French Kiss”

Another accidental tourist, but when this came out it was an orgasm that was meant to be. Donna Summer may have had love to love you baby, but this was the iconic track of the NEXT generation that was the son of disco… and all we have is lips on the label to remember it by.

5. John Acquaviva x Richie Hawtin "House For All” (John Acquaviva Original 2011 Edit)

This is a personal favorite. The first track that Richie Hawtin and I ever licensed I believe. It was about the continued spirit of house music and still is. We released this track with an extended intro and ourtro with a few more BPMs. For the love of rockin rockin music… I…. we… are still here and aging gracefully into the groove!

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