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Leaked Daft Punk Track: True or False?

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Leaked Daft Punk Track: True or False?

Morning EDMers, hope your Wednesday morning has been just as loud and interesting as ours. There’s certainly a lot going on today in the world of EDM, starting with the allegation that a new Daft Punk track has been leaked. From our friends at Mixmag we got word that a song called “Emphazed” has made its way onto YouTube and is being claimed as a brand spankin’ new jam from electro’s most famous pair. Now, Mixmag says that the authenticity of the track has their office split: “Some of us reckon it’s a right duff, while others think it does bear some classic Daft Punk qualities. On Twitter, fans aren’t having any of it, generally stating if the leak were legitimate Daft Punk would have taken it down by now. I’m interested to know what you think, legit or no? Listen to below and decide for yourself.

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