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Listen: Red Bull Music Academy Radio with DJ Pierre—“The Story of Acid House”

That 303 squelch you’ve come to love, you an thank DJ Pierre for that. Chicago-born Nathaniel Pierre Jones aka DJ Pierre is a true dance music pioneer and the quintessential acid house producer if there ever was one. Recording as DJ Pierre, Phortune, Phantasy Club, Photon Inc. and a myriad of other aliases, it was his early acid house supergroup Phuture that changed the game forever. Holed up in his bedroom during the mid-80s and inspired by Chicago’s legendary Hot Mix 5 radio shows, he teamed up with his friends Spanky and Herb J to release the seminal "Acid Tracks" in 1987, an undisputed classic and key moment in the evolution of EDM culture. Based on Roland’s TB-303 sequencer/bass machine the trio invented a sound which would leave a lasting impact on the world of club culture, inspiring producers across the globe until today. After moving away from the Chicago scene in 1990 and heading to New York City, Pierre became in-house producer and head of A&R at Strictly Rhythm and was responsible for releasing another string of hugely influential tracks such as Photon Inc.’s “Generate Power” and Joint Venture’s “Master Blaster.” In turn Pierre created his signature “Wild Pitch” sound gracing the world with a plethora of timeless tracks and remixes that influenced DJs and producers around the globe in years to come. Ladies and gentlemen, the story of acid house as told by the one and only DJ Pierre.

Listen: Red Bull Music Academy Radio with DJ Pierre—“The Story of Acid House”

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