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Magnetic Interview: Tapping Into The Collective Mind Of Canadian Duo Ansol


Aki & Seb (aka Ansol) made a big splash in EDM culture’s pool with the release of “On Top Of The World,” a collaboration they did with Dyro. The track was released on Afrojack’s imprint Wall Recordings and has been played by top names in the game including two out of three members of Swedish House Mafia. With such massive support behind them, it’s no wonder that these two young and talented individuals are separating themselves from the gaggle of producers that are currently trying to make it in the game.

Hot of the heels of their massive release, Ansol are back with fellow rising Canadian duo Dzeko & Torres to bring us “Y3ah.” If you like the big room feel, this track definitely does not disappoint with its heavy electro, yet melodic drop. The song was released on Laidback Luke’s Mixmash Records yesterday, November 12th and you can pick it up via Beatport here.

I got the chance to delve into the collective mind of Ansol… Hope you enjoy this interview.

When and how did you both get started? Why did you both feel that working together would be a successful venture?

We met about a year and a half ago online through mutual friends that produce as well. We decided to collab on a track, and the outcome was “Blue Magic.” It was the first Ansol project and had early support by Tiesto. We were quite happy with the outcome of the track as well as the chemistry we had, so we decided to continue making music as a duo. It’s actually pretty crazy to even think that “Ansol” is even possible. It's all due to technology. Five years ago this probably wouldn't be possible!

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Well when I started out, this was all just a hobby…Nowadays the term ‘DJ’ is used pretty openly. Everyone wants to be one, so the stereotype that my parents had of it wasnt the best to be honest. –Aki

What do you define as success; money, power, fame or something else?

I think we collectively agree that even though this is going to sound super cheesy, being successful is being happy with oneself. What success is to one person may not be successful to another, there's not really anyway other way we can describe it.

What is it about electro house that made you say, “This is what I want to produce?”

We haven't really said, “ electro house is the Ansol sound” The Ansol sound is not just one genre. We like to view ourselves as a diverse act that has many different characteristics. We love the hard-hitting electro, we love the big room, festival bangers and we also enjoy some minimal stuff. We just appreciate GOOD music!

What do your parents think of what you are doing?

Aki: Well when I started out, this was all just a hobby, didn't really expect for it to become my career. Now a days the term “DJ” is used pretty openly. Everyone wants to be one, so the stereotype that my parents had of it wasn't the best to be honest. It took quite a bit of convincing at the start. I had to really weigh the pros and cons, in every aspect. I was also in university during all of this finishing up my undergrad, prepping to go to Law School. So the news of this to my parents was out of left field! Taking into account that I was in a position that a lot of people would kill for, and also realizing that it isn't the most secure job. But we all were on the same page and had a strong belief that Ansol did have the potential and tools needed for it to succeed. They understand that it is my passion, and it's what I love to do. Knowing that, they support me 1000%. I hold my parents’ judgment and advice at a very high regard, so it was very important for me to get them on board.
Seb: Like Aki said, in the beginning this was all just a hobby and I didn't really expect it to evolve in to a career. I have always had big interest for music and it’s been a huge part of my life growing up. My parents have always showed a big interest for what I do and supported me 100% from the start. But of course, I was a little nervous first telling them about what really was going on for Ansol, and that Aki and I had decided to see where we could go with these opportunities we'd been offered. But considering it was good news I could share with them, and also taking into account, both Aki and I believed we had what it took to succeed in this industry. I could for sure say that they are very excited about what’s in store of our future.

If you visualize music mentally as you hear it, what do you imagine?

Very cool question! Well I think we can agree it depends on the track. But to categorize it all, it's safe to say that we associate it with experiences, past, present and future. Referring to a certain event, feeling, atmosphere, by hearing a simple kick drum, melody or snare.

If you wanted to produce in any other genre, what would it be and why?

We honestly like all types of music, so it would be everything! Except country music actually, don't think Ansol has the right “sound” for country…

How did the collaboration with Dyro on the track “On Top Of The World” come to be?

“Top Of The World” had many different transformations; about 4 or 5 I’d say. We had the melody, vocals and outline for the track for quite a while. When we hit up Dyro to join in on the track, the final outcome of the project was exactly what we all were hoping to create.

What was your most memorable night?

Our most memorable night thus far has to be the festival we played in Norway. We were the official support for Avicii, and played for about 9 to 10 thousand people. It was the first time we actually played together, and dropped "Top Of The World." The whole place was so filled with energy and the connection we had with the crowd was quite unreal. Axwell said it the best, “Goosebumps never lie.”

Tell us about the inspiration behind the track "Y3ah," and what made Dzeko and Torres the right choice when it came to collaborating.

We've been buddies with Dzeko and Torres for a little bit now, really nice and funny guys. They're also Canadian so we decided to collab because we both valued each other’s sound. We passed the project back and fourth and finally came to the outcome you've heard today! Both parties are really happy with the track and are quite happy with the feedback we've received so far.

What do you think is the future of EDM regarding which sub genre will be thrust into spotlight in the near future?

It’s hard to say, we can't really come to a specific genre about what will be the “next big thing.” But what we do feel is that a more indie/vocal sound will be a lot more prominent.

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