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Manuel De La Mare: Five Songs I Can't Live Without

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Manuel De La Mare: Five Songs I Can't Live Without

Manuel De Le Mare, owner of imprints 303Lovers and Hotfingers with Alex Kenji and Luigi Rocca, is one of our favorites. For good reason too, guy delivers money-shot and after money shot—read stellar new music and remixes… get your mind out of the gutter people. Or maybe it's not and ours just is. For reals, though, this guy needs to be on your radar if he isn't already. From jacking to deep, Manuel's sound bounces between house and techno, and he does it while treading the line between commercial and credible underground. Not something that's easily done in the EDM culture world.

Something else that isn’t easily done, coming up with five songs you can’t live without. Manuel De La Mare did it and his selections are below. Enjoy…

I did this selection remembering what I love to listen to when back from the parties relaxing and just enjoying music. I cant really describe these tracks, they are all beautiful pieces of art for me. –Manuel De Le Mare

1. Beatles “Across The Universe”

2. Bj Thomas “Raindrops Keep Falling”

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3. Ornella Vanoni “L'Appuntamento”

4. Elis Regina “Agua De Marco”

5. Lucio Battisti “Amarsi Un Po'”

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Just cuz here's a new-ish DJ mix from Manuel, enjoy...

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