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Marc Kinchen: 5 Songs I Can’t Live Without



The one and only Marc “MK” Kinchen set aside a few minutes for us to tell us about the five songs he can’t live without. For those that aren’t familiar with MK, just know that the man is behind some of the biggest sounds and tracks from house music’s past—and he’s still going strong today. He carries an unprecedented level of credibility within the underground (hello, Disclosure probably wouldn’t be doing what they are today without this man), but he also straddles boundaries, working with some big ass international artists like Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z to Rihanna and Beyonce and Will Smith and Ne-Yo.

1. Marvin Gaye “What's Goin On?”

Growing up in Detroit, Marvins music was just a tremendous influence on us all, his politics and his ability to sing and make music—about everything from poverty, war and love is something that always moved me.

2. Inner City “Good Life”

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I grew up around Kevin Saunderson and to see him have that big wonderful house anthem become an international iconic song for all was truly an inspiration to me.

3. Depeche Mode “Policy of Truth”

I loved the whole new wave and dance movement coming out of England...I loved the hard rhythms and wicked basslines and of course the keyboards and vocals. One of my favorite bands growing up... made me want to play keys and be in a band.

4. MK featuring Alana “Burning”

This was one of my first records and I put it out myself at first...hard to believe that so many years later people still seem to like be honest, it still is one of my favorites.

5. Hot Natured featuring Ali Love “Benediction”

I love their sensibility and their understanding of rhythms and vocals...just so excited about us teaming up with the new single on Hot Creations, Electricity.

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