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Moby To Fly Around the World In A Solar Powered Ultralight Aircraft

Moby To Fly Around the World In A Solar Powered Ultralight Aircraft

Richard Melville Hall, or Moby as he is better known to two generations (or maybe three) of electronic dance music (EDM) lovers is attempting the impossible this Christmas.

A practicing vegan and straight edge (no booze or other fun stuff) Moby has decided to make yet another moral statement with this latest endeavor. You got it folks, Moby is pushing Green Adventure Travel and he’s not looking back.

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Moby will christen his new Ultralight Aircraft, “The GO Teany,” on December 24th and set off on his epic journey Christmas morning leaving from Santa Monica’s municipal airport (you know, the one where the Barneys’ warehouse sale is).

When asked about Moby’s historic attempt, his musical colleagues seemed a bit baffled about the entire idea.

“What zee fuuuk maaan, he is how you say... Cat shit crazy,” Said Xavier de Rosnay of Justice. “First he do the tea shop and now this. When will he stop just enjoooy heez life, no?”

“The guy is a lunatic,” said Pete Tong, “If the idea were a song it would sound a lot like Skrillex!”

“I resent that Mr. Tong, who are you again?” Said Sonny Moore aka Skrillex.

The rest of this article can be read at’s feature article, which doesn’t exist, because this is all bullshit.

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