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Morn Celebrity Breakup: Kat Von D and deadmau5—Say It Isn't So...

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Gotta give a shout to my girl and her Twitter addiction for pointing this bit of news out to me. Apparently tattoo girl Kat Von D and EDM poster child Joel Zimmerman have called it quits.

It’s hard to analyze all the bullshit and I’m not even sure there’s a point to (read: morn celebrity breakup), yet here I am trying to decipher the tweets from Kat Von D and deadmau5. I’m probably one the least interested people on this planet when it comes to celebrity gossip and reality TV (The Soup being an exception to the rule—talk about complete awesomeness), but I have somehow managed to recall the fact that Jesse James stepped out on his wife Sandra Bullock with Von D and also cheated on Von D while doing so. I’m not judging, I’m just trying to crack the Twitter / Facebook code here. What do you think this twit talk means or do you care?

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