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Music Review: Qulinez “Bamf” & “Dynamic” via Size Records

Without a doubt the rise of Qulinez aka (Alex Lagar and Johannes Gustafsson) wasn’t luck, but was based on sheer talent. Unlike the producers that flood the EDM scene in this day and age, Qulinez brings something new, a distinctive sound like no other. When you hear a Kaskade track, or a Chuckie track or an Afrojack track, you can tell by their signature sound. In a similar vein, it is now possible to tell right off the bat whether a track was a Qulinez production. On Dec. 3 they will grace the EDM scene with two back-to-back releases entitled “Bamf” and “Dynamic” on Steve Angello’s Size Records. The first track, “Bamf” can be described as a euphoric rush of anthemic melodies that lead to a drop molded out of pure chaos. The steady kick drum and wobbling synths are a simple yet ingenious move that would get any crowd going ballistic. On a softer note, the second track, “Dynamic,” is a foot with wonderfully enchanting chord play that keeps pace throughout the track and definitely will be a crowd pleaser. Overall, with releases like “Troll” and their remix of “A Heavy Abacus” now followed by these two originals, Qulinez are on their way to DJ stardom. Here’s a preview of both tunes via Soundcloud courtesy of Size Records.

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