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Music Review: “Smalhans” by Hans-Peter Lindstrøm via Smalltown Supersound

Music Review: “Smalhans” by Hans-Peter Lindstrøm via Smalltown Supersound

You know up front what you’re getting from Norwegian producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, champion of Nordic nu-disco grooves and those intoxicating, atmospheric synth riffs christened along the course of his career. Latest gem to add to this crown is Smalhans, a hypnotic, astral blend of quality instrumentation. Out now via the Smalltown Supersound imprint, Lindstrøm’s new album will surely please purists. The multidimensional piece is how electronic dance music should be served, hot and fresh.

Smalhans does double duty as Lindstrøm’s fourth solo album and his second to be released in 2012. MixMag calls the latest endeavor “unfettered musicality on show” and I must agree. Don’t fret fans of this year’s Six Cups of Rebel because Lindstrøm experimental leanings aren’t forgotten just toned down a bit as he returns to more traditional roots. Todd Terje mixed the entire album flawlessly on six profound tracks.

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According to Lindstrøm’s reps, the album title is an old Norwegian word meaning scarcity or simply poverty; each track is named after traditional Norwegian dishes. Intriguing, indeed. Though third on the album, I listened first to “Eg-ged-osis,which translated stands for a popular Scandinavian dessert or eggnog-type drink. Snappy and funkified, this song promptly earned my respect, as did “Ra-ako-st” (mental note: add to playlist now). I’m especially feeling the Todd Terje Extended Edits on both these works (here's one and the other) in all their Balearic grandeur. There’s also a progressive-edged house version of “Ra-ako-st” out that hits hard and fast at 135 BPM. Closed my eyes for a split second and envisioned some serious footwork on the dancefloor to this remix by fellow Norwegian Slick Shoota.

Sophisticated yet Spartan in nature, Smalhans soars in its creation and delivery. An unmistakable Giorgio Moroder influence comes on strong across the album, particularly present on another personal favorite, “Vos-sako-rv.” So trippy and chock full of new wave goodness you’ll definitely come back for more.

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