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Nicole Moudaber: Five Songs I Can't Live Without


Nicole Moudaber is an unstoppable force, taking the techno world by storm. She starting as a die-hard EDM culture music fan, making waves in the scene as an international promoter, flying the world’s hottest DJs to her parties in London and Beirut. After she stepped out of the scene for a few years, she decided to give DJing a try herself. She was asked to open for Carl Cox at an intimate venue in London 5 years ago, who offered her a weekly residency at his Space Ibiza parties for the past four summers. Her sleazy house and techno records have been released on Carl Cox’s Intec, Drumcode, 8Sided Dice, Kling Klong, Leena Music and Waveform Recordings. If you haven't heard her remix of “Muzik Xpress” you can check it out here. Skint Records just released the seminal tune with a special anniversary remix from Nicole Moudaber, which was originally done in 2008, but never released. She will be releasing on her own MOOD records at the end of this year. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see her live, you’ve seen her captivate and transfix the audience. Her music conveys such deep emotion it’s hard to take your eyes off of her. She will be gracing our presence in Los Angeles at Exchange on January 12, 2013.

1. Kiko Navarro feat. Concha Buika “Soñando Contigo”

Its the sexiest song ever, the lyrics are so passionate and hot muy caliente! And I love Concha Buika, got most of her albums, real flamenco.

2. Rodriguez Jr. feat Cari Golden “Music Don't Lie”

Its one of those songs that will never fade. The message is right there, the groove is deep and vibey with a stunning voice from Cari Golden, Mobilees best output with one of its regular artist Rodriguez Jr. Look out for a remix hes done for me, coming out soon.

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3. Masters At Work feat. India “To Be In Love”

If you havent heard this yet you should have it. It reminds me of one morning at Space Ibiza on the terrace, when it wasnt covered! The sun coming up, everyone flying and dancing around. A timeless classic house record from MAW.

4. Queen “The Show Must Go On”

Lyrics are very relevant to my life right now.

5. Skunk Anansie “Hedonism”

When I first heard this song it was instant love. Skins voice is just so poignant and piercing it takes you to another world. Ive been playing one of her recent works ‘Nothing Matters’ on top of different loops and every time it smashes the floor.

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