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Punks Jump Up: Five Songs We Can't Live Without

Punks Jump Up: The Top Five Songs We Can't Live Without

We've got another awesome list from the Anglo-Swedish combo Punks Jump Up of the five songs they can't live without. The two have been producing disco club bangers together since they set up their own record label Cassette Records in 2004. In addition to their own releases, they've also done official remixes for big names like Lykke Li, Crystal Castles, Chromeo, Miike Snow... the list goes on. On November 12th"Feels Good," a collab EP from PJU and producer and remixer Dubka is set to be released under record label Kitsune for your immense enjoyment. PJU and Dubka capture the melodies of ABBA, the bassline of Giorgio Moroder and the dancefloor drive of Soulwax in this dynamic release. And to add one last helping of hell yeah, they also teamed up with Saint Saviour (ex Groove Armada) whose golden voice adds the finishing, magical touches to bring it all home. Check out the teaser below, then check out the five songs these guys just can't live without.

1. Rita Mitsouko, "Le Petit Train"

So wonderfully weird and catchy with a dark undertone. Legendary genius act from France that weve grown to love unconditionally.

2. Zongamin, "Bongo Song"

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We have loved Zongamin since day 1 and we always will. This song explains why. Wheres the second album? The world needs it!!!

3. H.O.S.H. "Woohoo" (feat Ost & Kjex)

Such a good vocal and music backs it perfectly. Perfect vibe setter for a great night on the floor.

4. Joakim, "I Wish You Were Gone"

Joakim is one of our absolute favorite artists & this is one of his best tracks. Nuff said!

5. Bill Wyman, "Si Si Je Suis Un Rockstar"

Best track written outside the Stones by a Stone. We love it!

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