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Ray Okpara: Five Songs I Can’t Live Without

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Ray Okpara: Five Songs I Can’t Live Without

We’ve been enjoying the hell out of Ray Opkara’s brand of house music as of late—think organic percussion, hints of Afrobeat and crisp instrumental aesthetics with overtones of German techno throughout. His debut LP Good Times came out November 12 via Mobilee Records and if you haven’t heard it you should definitely give it some attention. Pick it up via Beatport here. You should also peep what he’s been releasing via his imprint Ama Recordings. There’s a reason the man is held in high esteem with EDM culture's underground house and techno glitterati of Germany.

1. Michael Jackson “Off The wall”

I heard this tune up and down. So many times I can just hear it again. And in 1998 there was a house tune with the sample… I just went totally crazy!

2. Rat Pack “Raving Shoes”

Johnny D and my favorite track before going out in the night and raving on drum & bass. Or just going crazy and partying at home. I get goose bumps when I hear this. Sounds cheesy but it was the feeling of that time! I still love it!

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3. Outkast “Southernplayalisticadillacmusik

The first Outkast album was the booomb. Back in the day when I just was listening to hip-hop and rap, I thought I would never go to a techno party. Haha, time changes and music as well. Still one of my favorites ever!

4. Musical Youth “Pass the Dutchie”

My first music video I can remember seeing. Ok there was a Michael Jacksonvideo in the ‘80s in Nigeria and that was almost everything people were listening to. This one was different then Michael. I heard it when I was like 6-7years and I loved it instantly.

5. Red Hot Chilly Peppers “If You Want Me To Stay”

This is a cover of a Sly Family Stone song. While reading the Antony Kedis biography I heard this tune so many times. Which helped me get into the book even more. You should read it. Crazy stories. I love the original song from Sly too. So I think they did a good job here. Actually the whole Freaky Style album is great. The early RHCP!!!

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