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Recap: Danny Tenaglia at Pacha NYC

Recap: Danny Tenaglia at Pacha NYC

Danny Tenaglia and company came to Pacha NYC a week ago Saturday and rocked the house deep into Sunday morning, in what ended up being a classic Pacha night. DJ Burchan and Chris Liebing joined Tanaglia behind the decks and they all did their job of getting things cooking at there respected times.

I got to Pacha with a few friends about halfway into Burchan’s set and the vibes were definitely good throughout the club. Pacha filled up fast and the place stayed packed the entire night, even late night. Burchan’s set felt like it flew by and before I knew it Tenaglia was getting ready to man the decks. It was around 1 am when he said a few words on the mic before he got things going as the crowd chanted “DANNY, DANNY, DANNY!"

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I’ve seen Tenaglia three or four times now and he never disappoints, always bringing the heat. He got right down to business and the bass started dropping and it didn’t end for three hours. The crowd loved it and the dancefloor was popping off the entire time. It was one of those Pacha nights where the dance is virtually a giant mob. Dancing was a definitely a tough one… especially with a girl, as expected at Pacha. Simply, it was madhouse but fun.

Danny T spun until 4 am and the place was still packed. If anything it looked like more people had come inside for a late night sesh at Pacha. Chris Liebing took over the show and ran that party until god knows when. All I know was that I left that place at 4:45 am and I was ready to go down for the count. About five hours of heavy deep house music and all that dancing had me ready for my best friend, the pillow. Definitely got what I expected and then some. Tenaglia, as always, didn’t disappoint and gave all of us in attendance a great show and even better night.

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