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Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (The Bloody Beetroots) Turns Out Some Intimate & Dark Photographs Of DJ Tai


Adding a little culture to his EDM palette, apparently Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo of The Bloody Beetroots gets down with photography as well. He took these shots of Dim Mak artist DJ Tai and must admit they are pretty damn awesome in an intimate and dark sorta way. Here’s what Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo had to say about the shoot and images:

Tai is an incredibly talented producer and a badass driver! He is a good person and I wanted that to come through in the photographs. I also wanted to draw out and capture a darker side to him that not many people can see. He is so calm and friendly but underneath he has a lot of emotion—anger, frustration and desire. Thats what I wanted to find.

He found it...



Photos by

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo

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Both, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo and Tai have had their hands full with video gold. Have you seen the music video for The Bloody Beetroots and Greta Svabo Bech (Faroe Islands) single, “Chronicles of a Fallen Love.”

And for Tai, peep his Japanese gore video for latest single "Steroid."

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