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Sound Of The Dead: Don’t Lose Your Head Over This Jean Michel Jarre Apple Dock Connector


AeroSkull packs two 15-Watt speakers behind “sunglasses,” and a 40-Watt sub woofer in the “brains” of this skull-shaped Apple dock connector. Designed by French composer Jean Michel Jarre, the speaker system offers optimal sound quality, as well as one percent THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). Jean Michel Jarre first used the image of the skull in 1976 on the album cover for Oxygene.

For me, the skull symbolizes the perfect acoustic instrument ­ it is the sound box for word, song and music, Jarre

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The AeroSkull is compatible with every generation of iPhone and iPod. A jack cable can connect to other MP3 players, PCs or CD/DVD players. Bluetooth makes connecting to smartphones and cinch. And the listening experience is optimized by the APTX codecs.

AeroSkull is available in 11 colors.

Total output power 70 W RMS at 1% THD+N
2.1 System with built-in subwoofer
Bass Reflex Cabinet
Bluetooth, A2DP, atpX for high quality wireless audio
Line-in 3.5mm
Touch sensor control
IR remote, backlit
$510 US

Just cuz here's Jean Michel Jarre performing "Oxygene" live in Paris 2007

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