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Spotlight: New Producer AEL

Spotlight: New Producer AEL

Remix contests are amazing opportunities for small time producers looking to strike it big. As a connoisseur of house music, I am always on the lookout for fresh talent and new tracks that really deserve the spotlight. When turning my attention to Christina Aguilera’s remix contest for her hit single “Your Body” I couldn’t help but sort through the top 100 remixes. From the sea of tracks, there was one that did standout and boy is it a banger! Coming in at number 26 in the leaderboard, this track definitely deserves to be number one. This remix is courtesy of French producer AEL and it screams big room electro house. The vocals are melded seamlessly with a characteristic pop influenced build up. But things get really interesting once we experience the AEL drop, which seems to draw its influences from the likes of electro powerhouses Tony Romera and Gregori Klosman.  With a very tight and clean production combined with an ear-shattering drop, this track will see the light of day and will be recognized. However, I strongly feel that it deserves the number one spot, but regardless of whether it wins this competition, it will be one of the most played out remixes of the track—guaranteed. If you do wish to vote for this young and talented producer please click here.

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