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Steve Aoki Fans Poor Their Hearts Out

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Steve Aoki Fans Poor Their Hearts Out

We got a tweet today from someone that entered the Steve Aoki contest we had going on. She wanted to know if we actually read each entry or just picked folks all willy-nilly at ramdom. We read them all and we find some pleasure in it too. That said, here are some of the reason why Magnetic readers wanted to win the Aoki prize pack so bad. There are a lot of typos going on below and less than perfect grammer, but we figured we'd share these with you as they were sent to us.

If you were us, who would you have picked to the be the winner? Leave a comment below, we wanna know. BTW...Took out the names to protect the guilty.

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Aoki is a very seasoned pro. Love his style, his relationship with his fans and how he interacts with them. I seen him before at Vanguard in LA many years ago, but I missed his Coachella set, along with his EDC set. He's basically somebody that I've respected as a musical artist and DJ for a long time. Would love to see him do his thing once again in LA.

Aoki is my inspiration, super hero and a true badass!

I love Aoki and Cake!! I want to dance my ass off ..But, the main reason that I would  want to win so bad is because I am BROKE!! I can't afford to buy it and would really appreciate it:)

I just really enjoy Steve aoki's music it makes me wanna part!!! With the prize pack I think I could get the complete experience of dim mak Steve aoki experience

I want to surprise my friend with these tickets because we're both too busy and poor to go out to anything this awesome together anymore =^.^=

He is consistently one of the most awesome DJs to see live. He brings so much fun and excitement to his live shows. It would be awesome to be there!  Not only would it be incredible to see him, but it will also be amazing to celebrate his birthday at the Shrine. And to top things off, he's bringing a ton of amazing openers and special guests!!!

who wouldn't want this. and to say its from magnetic magazine makes it even better huge steve aoki fan. this would be the ultimate gift that ive ever won considering ive never won anything. i cant stop raving about magnetic magazine and how amazine you guys are.ive never seen steve aoki live and would love to experience cake in my face

Really awesome line up nice venue and its Steve Aoki's birthday.I really want to celebrate Steve 's bday and go crazy wild!!!

What? Are you joking? Why wouldn't I want to win this AMAZING price? Not only is Aoki an awesome DJ he also an awesome person!! Obsessed is an understatement! I love his man for his great locks of hair, beard, and talent!! I would be BEYOND EXCITED to win!! It would be so fucking amazing I would either cry or shit my pants.. Or possibly BOTH!!!!! Ahhh PLEASE PICK ME!!!!! I want it so badly! (That is what she said) If you pick me I will wear the shirt to the show and only the shirt!! ..well maybe underwear too so they let me in! PICK ME!

Because I fell in love with Steve Aoki's energy after seeing him perform (and getting to meet him!) at ID fest San Diego last summer, it made my whole year. I would love to get to experience that again!! Not to mention all the amazing people that will be there, both performers and edm lovers. And to quote Borgore - "bitches love cake!"


i love steve aoki and i love you guys enough said and i want to brag to my friends about going to see steve aoki. i shall be the cool girl in my group.dim mak for life

ive never had the chance to see any dj live. plus i need new headphones and cant afford any. whats life without good headphones and without steve aoki and without magnetic magazines. not a good life at all

pick me pick me pick me . i want to go so so so bad . i wanna rock that dim mak shirt for steve aoki

I want this prize pack more than anything. I make shit money at my job and can barely make ends meet, but would love nothing more than to take my lady to see Aoki (her absolutle FAVORITE dj) when she's home for Thanksgiving! Also, because I make shit money I DJ gigs on the side, but don't have a quality pair of headphone since the sony mdrs my mom bought me for xmas broke (as i've learned mdrs do). I know the band on those Sol phones is like pretty much unbreakable. I need a pair that will last me forever (or at least until i'm rich and famous). The shirt would be super cool because I could rep Dim Mak everywhere I go! I'd put the aoki sticker on my laptop, so whenever I'm playing, everyone will think about how awesome Steve Aoki is! Also I'd for sure gift that DVD to my little sister, who is only 12 so too young to come to most of Steve's shows but LOVES his music and stage antics. She threw cake and popped bottles of martinellis at her bday party, just like Aoki would have. In short, I want this prize pack soooo bad! Please pick me.

My girl and I are big dim mak and steve aoki fans, but we have a kid together so off course all of finances go to our baby and bills. Havent been out in a long time, and it'd be nice to win this package, it'll give us a chance to go out and enjoy ourselves for a night! Thank you for reading this!

Because I have only ever seen Steve Aoki once before in my life and I couldn't stay for longer than 15 minutes because the friend I was with started getting claustrophobic in the crowd at Identity in Mountain View 2011. The times that I could have had a chance to see him again in the Bay Area and at EDC, I could not go on account of not being able to afford it or I was taking care of friends. Plus, the only time I was ever caked in the face was for my 21st birthday by my friends. I want another chance at it!

I looove this silly man!! I love his music I love his style I love his politcal views! unfortunately I will not  be in la for his show at the shrine but I would love the rest of the pack!! on a side not, I looove magnetic mag!! you guys rock for hooking it up in Utah!!

"Well, it would be wicked awesome to win this prize pack because on the dance floor I feel the bass more, and my body starts to jet like back in 84'. All eyes are on me, crowds are forming, The DJ plays the break and that's when I elevate!

I started following Steve in 2009 when I stumbled into a room he was playing at the Hard Haunted Mansion in LA. I saw this wild long-haired dude just going nuckingfutz on the stage and I was drawn like a magnet to his energy! I shortly thereafter purchased Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles and didn't remove the cd from my car for at least a solid two months.

And damnit,
I like electro
I like retro
I like ghetto
House and techno :)

Pick me! My dance pants are already pressed and ready to dis-GO!

XO CC from New Hampshire :)

Omg, me and my friend Xavier have missed aoki in Ohio 4 times now! It's rediculous!  We both love him and look up to him for inspiration, we produce now and he is our main idol, plus it would be an honor to be caked! Xavier says : this would be my first edm show, and I want to meet some hot bitches and aoki!!

Because Steve Aoki probably won't be coming back to New Orleans for a while and I'm dying to have some more cake thrown at my face. Yes. I got caked last year during his Deadmeat Tour.

I'm a huge Steve Aoki fan. plus, I am a broke college student so this prize pack would be perfect.

Hi my name is ipadduben and I Wanted to win this prize so badly nobody love and support to steve aoki like I do I can totally prove it I feel that I deserve it and I will be proud to wear it cuz i´, already part of this two family DimMak and Sol Republic

steve aoki is the fucking shit.

Because it's awesome!!!

I want to win this prize pack really bad because steve aoki is the fucking man plain and simple i saw him live in concert this last spring and is far best the best single man performance i have ever seen! He get so interactive with everyone in the crowd! what artist do you know goes crowd surfing. Not lame ass justin bieber. lol Plus at his show i rocked a SOL Republic sticker on my hat because SOL Republic is the shit! I dont any of there products but i hope to be a winner/purchase there products soon! Dont forget to buckle up cuz we hit turbulance!!!

I feel inspired by Steve Aoki and how he became.. I'm taking music production classes as a hobby because I love the music! I've never seen Aoki (yet!) and this would be a great opportunity. I can use some headphones for my class as well :)

I love steve aoki so much and i have been dieing to see him in concert.

"I want this pack because I'm a young, edm living monster and I've never seen aoki live. I have a mixer and a few bits of dj equipment and my headphones JUST broke so those sol cans would be a life saver. I also tag and do a lot of crazy art and I could incorporate that aoki sticker into my art. I seriously LOVE aoki. (no homo) and my parants and sister went to his last show here WITHOUT ME!! I missed out so bad and this would be a chance to finally see the aok man live in person. Winning this would be dope as fuck, and I would appreciate it a lot.

This will be a memorable birthday gift ever! As my bday is today 11/08 and Steve Aoki will be celebrating his Birthday Bash at the Shrine 11/21.

I went to a show on his Deadmeat tour when I lived in Tulsa. It was fucking bonkers, great time. Would love to check out the DVD. Love me some Aoki!

I'm a Japanese citizen. I might be returning to Japan next year. I want to make my last rave the most memorable rave ever!

Bc it's as amazing as unicorns

I love Steve Aoki.. Flashback to my Coachella days!!! Ohhh myy word :D

"Steve Aoki is the reason I got into EDM. Because of Steve, I heard The Bloody Beetroots,  MSTRKRFT, Mustard Pimp -- later on I was introduced to the sounds of Afrojack, Laidback Luke, Duck Sauce... then Knife Party (which I just got back from) and just started to transition from ""enjoying"" Electro-house and EDM to LOVING IT! (no need for quotations). I play electro/house/basslines all day errday and I never get sick of it. I always rage at the front for all events I attend, and since I'll be at the Warfield in The City on Dec. 29 -- I want to be raging hard in full gear for one of my favorite DJ's! Plus he dropped an Essential Mix on my birthday in 2008, so he pretty much knows of this mutual musical connection. Haha, just kidding....(but that would be really awesome)... bottom-line is: STEVE AOKI is a MOTH*R F**K*NG B*DASS!!! WOOO! SO PUMPED FOR THE SHOW!

P.S. It would also really, really lift up a quiet and isolated holiday season/new years time. :) But, regardless of your decision -- I do hope you enjoy the holidays and thank you guys for good heart and charity (for passing on the prize pack), not just for the action but for the displays of such action. Thank you for showing and supporting the PLUR & Holiday Season Attitudes! :D The entire music (edm) community does appreciate the kindness (at least I do in a worst case scenario..) BUT ANYWAYS - Alright enough wasting space.. enjoy the rest of your day!

Because I have always been a fan of Steve's. I got the chance to meet him in Las Vegas earlier this year and I almost passed out. I really want to see him again because it was the best time of my life!!

Aoki is the tits!!! I was him for halloween and it got me laid!! GIVE IT!!

Because Steve Aoki is the bomb diggity!!!

Well, I really would LOVE to win this prize pack because my 33rd birthday is coming up, (November 16th)! I also LOVE Steve Aoki! I have NEVER been to LA? What the? My current headphones suck! I love new t-shirts, I stick stickers all over EVERYTHING so I can promote Steve Aoki for free and lastly, everyone needs a new DVD! You would be happy to pick me because I would honor and adore all of the prizes won!

House music has basically picked me up whenever im feeling down.  I have a low self esteem and depression problems and get down very easy.  One thing about going to shows and raving is that it picks me up and lifts my spirits. Always wanted to go to LA and Aoki is one of the greatest! Would love to make it to this show thanks for the chance!

If I watch the DVD enough, i might be able how to figure out how to wade the waters of an aoki infested crowded, something that would be useful with all the flooding going on here in nj. All of those things are true. -Rage

Because I really want to go see Steve Aoki! :)

Well.... I am sure you have heard this before, but I was a fan of EDM before it became this trend that it has become now. It has been bitter sweet for me. I am glad that the DJ's i LOVE are gaining fame, but like I said it has been a bit of a challenge for me to accept it. So I would LOVE to be a part of Steve Aoki's  performance because I am such a HUGE fan of his.

This holiday season, I wish for nothing more than a CAKE TO THE FACE from the birthday boy himself...and of course a night filled with BANGERS from the Dim Mak crew & co!!! What better way to give thanks for Steve, Dim Mak, and EDM in general than by dancing my ass off all night? :}

I absolutely love everything Aoki does and had managed to saved up enough money to go to that show at Roseland. I would love to have a physical memory of such an awesome night!

Because everyone would think i'm super cool if i did win

I never win any contests that I enter for any shows and stuff. :(

I want to win this prize pack because I love Steve Aoki, & Dubstep music, also because Steve Aoki has amazing concerts!!!

Because it is Steve Aoki of course!!!! I absolutely love him, his sets are amazing and he puts on a great show!

I want to win these for my girlfriend because she hasn't seen Steve Aoki live and I want to be the one to take her to this EPIC show! :)

I would love to win this because I love you and your music. I am not 18 sadly so  I've never have been to a show of yours that's ho I tried I was caught I was on my way to the lizard lounge

I would love to win this prize because I love your music.Youve insipered  me greatly.Plus am not 18.......So I wouldn't ever be able attend a concert of yours sadly.That doesn't meen I haven't tried.I was caught before going to the Lizard Lounge in August to see you but me and my cousin were caught thanks to a GPS in her car.

I'm a huge fan of Steve Aoki. If was his music that got me interested in EDM. I started listening to the artist he worked with and enjoyed it. Then I listened to the  people he worked with and since then have enjoyed the EDM culture. I know listen, tweet, talk, attend anything that relates to EDM.  If it wasn't for Steve Aoki and his influence I wouldn't be the fanatic I am to EDM.

Due to all of the devastation hurricane Sandy has caused to me and the people and places around me I could sure use this chance to win something fun and enjoy myself... Plus Steve aoki is my idol!

I love steve aoki more than I love my mother, i listen to aoki all day and all night. hes on when i go to bed and when I wake up!!

Because Steve Aoki is asian jesus. <3 him and all his shows.

Because Aoki was supposed to be one of the Headliners at the Warehouseproject and either backed out or got removed etc so I was super gutted, so id love to go see him! Id obviously travel if i got free tickets!

Steve got me into EDM as a whole, I cant afford to go see him so this will tide me over till he comes to town!

need new headphones, to make new friends, and enjoy an awesome show, what more could you ask for

I wanna win this prize pack so bad because I love Aoki music, hes one of the best producers in the world, winning would make it the best day of the year, I mean Steve Aoki is a legend, I would rage and have more fun then most people, I would  just love to win!!!!!

Huge Aoki and DimMak records fan. I've seen him live about 5 times now and each just just as great as the other if not better. Last time I saw him was at EDC Las Vegas 2012 and I got to see him 3 times while I was in Vegas for those 4 days. He gave me one of the best weekends of my life!

Ever since I heard of Aoki, I have been following his music. I'm a die hard fan of his and it would make my dreams come true if I could see him live. His music is what kept me happy for so long and I love him.

I strongly believe Steve aoki is a genius. I have yet to see him live and would love to experience that moment before the world ends at the end of this year!

I want to win the prize pack so bad because I wasn't one of the lucky ones at Veld Fest to get a cake thrown in my face :(

I want to win this because I have been entering every Steve aoki contest because I love him and haven't won one yet!!!!

Steve Aoki is one of the biggest BAMF's in the game today. What more reason do I need?

Because I love Steve Aoki and his music, that's all. I just love it

Biggest fan why else? I go fucking crazy at shows and im hawttt ;D

I want to win this prize pack SO bad, because I think it would be really cool to help my music program at my school to move towards the more "EDM" side of things and I think that Steve Aoki's music is an excellent source to refer to, when referring to electronic music. This would make my older brother so proud of me as well and I feel the need to share this freakin awesome music artist with all of my friends! STEVE AOKI FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because I want to party really hard and with all the things it'll be lot easier

Tix to see Steve Aoki!!! Boss!!! Prize pack is dope!

Saw Aoki at Electric Forest 2012 and I was blown away, he hasn't had any stops near where I live and I've never been to L.A before.

"Beause I'm huge fan without money that only wants to see his idol. Please choose me! In this city where I am living now it's impossible to see Steve Aoki.

*I'm mexican so my english is not the best. Greetings!"

"Cause steve Aoki is God... And Dim Mak record is the BEST

That's fan  #1 for sure..

I live for electronic music and to be a part of anything with the legend that is steve aoki would be the experience of a lifetime.

Love Steve Aoki & need something to brighten my gloom since Sandy

BECAUSE I LOVE DIM MAK AND STEVE AOKI! It would also be one of my first times experiencing concerts like these! I want to get caked SO BAD.

Who doesn't?

Because, I love Steve Aoki and i like very much Dim Mak. Also I was the one of first person in listening to Steve Aoki in Spain.

"Not only have I been wanting to see Aoki in concert for a LONG time now, I'd have a DVD of his performance too!  Totally epic man! Yes, he's coming to the Midwest in Mid-December, but I'd have to buy a plane ticket to go see the guy ANYWAY, so why not make it a trip and see him in LA?  Arguably one of the best cities to win concert tickets to.  And Steve Aoki isn't gonna go small in LA.  Not that he ever goes small.  But I feel like LA is cause to go big or go home.  And so does Aoki.

Cause it's fucking Steve Aoki!

First of all, so that I can give my tattoo artist the Steve Aoki sticker and he can then tattoo that design onto my ass. Just kidding, but probably serious. I've wanted to see Aoki for SO long but I haven't been able to afford tickets or the timings been off. He is the best DJ to come out of America (literally voted numba 1 DJ) and it gives me some hope for our music industry. He engages the crowd and puts on the BEST show and set out of any other mothafuckin DJ. Dirtyphonics is also a sickkkk headliner. And lastly, I could play his Deadmeat CD while simultaneously wearing the Dim Mak shirt and headphones making me the coolest person ever. PICK ME!!

I want to win this prize because steve aoki was the frist dj I ever saw live and got me into electro music.

I fucking love EDM and Steve Aoki is my shit!!!!

It would be an awesome distraction after being devastated by hurricane sandy. Help get my mind off!! Thanks

Steve Aoki is a huge musical inspiration to me. When i'm older, I want to be a DJ/Music Producer, and Steve gave me a scholarship to Camp Spin-Off this summer because he believed in me. I want to win this prize back badly because hopefully I will get to meet him and thank him for everything he has done for me.

The Deadmeat Tour was my favorite show earlier this year. Would love to close out the end of the year at Aoki's birthday show!

So I can have an excuse to take a vacation, fly out to Cali and see my fams! Plus I love all EDM!

i want this prize pack so bad because i love steve aoki and his music.

Steve Aoki is my favorite person on the planet.  He has the most captivating energy on stage.  I love watching him go absolutely crazy every time I see him and he never disappoints.  The fact that I have not yet purchased tickets to his birthday bash makes me sad, and winning them would be AMAZING! I feel like I need to be there because Mr. Aoki would miss me since I am his number-one fan.  Winning this prize pack would cause me to explode with joy and love for Steve Aoki!

Went to the Atlanta show back in February. It was my first concert experience and it was LIVE. I'd love to live that up again but in LA instead because of the heavy EDM House music scene there where Steve is well respected. I just don't know how I'd pay for the travel.. Give out the prize pack to someone who lives closer. I'm sure they'll love the experience just as much as I did way back when

There's only thing I love more than partying. And that's partying with Steve Aoki and the rest of the crazy djs in this line-up! Been a Steve Aoki fan since I can remember loving dance music. Most unforgettable experience was at EDC 2011. He gave a new meaning to the phrase, "reading the crowd".  It would be a dream of mine to go to this amazing show and obtain these amazing prizes, please make my dream come true! Thanks!

"Becouse I really love the Aoki music. My dream is to deejaying with Aoki one Day. So I'm working really hard on my music.

Love Aoki Style and for those reasons I want to win this prize ;).

I've had cake thrown on me and had both water and Powerade spit on me by Steve Aoki. I think I've paid enough dues to win a prize pack from him.

there's some pretty sweet swag in the bag

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so I can scream exactly like that and get caked face

I missed Aoki at electric zoo and I need to relive his awesomeness through this prize!!

Steve aoki is a huge idol of mine, who's music is greatly respect. And recently pulled out of a set I purchased tickets for. The prizes if headphones DVD and T-shirts are fab but the tickets would be amazing :)

Are you kidding me?!? Who doesn't love free stuff!? Especially Dim Mak gear! And I hear his show in LA is going to be HUGE!

Cause it's so mudda fuggin awesome!

I have been a huge Steve Aoki fan for years now!! Seen him perform on a huge stage at EDC and smaller more intimate settings like the Catalyst in my home town of Santa Cruz. Not only a fan of Aoki but almost every artist on the Dim Mak label I follow and listen to on a regular basis!! I am an aspiring DJ and could use the headphones plus my Birthday is on the 20th of November and would love to celebrate my Birthday with Steve Aoki at the Shrine!! I have been in the banking industry since I was 19 and am currently a licensed financial specialist and music has been an escape for me for years and to win these tickets and prizes right around my bday would be sureal!!!

Because Ive been a fan forever.and the show in Mumbai a few months ago changed my life.

Steve Aoki is the reason my love for EDM started and ever since I heard him mix I've been obsessed!

Because i still wish i had gotten the Dim Mak vest that Steve Aoki ( which he wore that day) threw into the crowd on his India tour! Almost a month and it still makes me sad that i didn't get that or a picture or his autograph just because im probably one of his biggest fans and hes the reason i started listening to dance music and producing the same. Im hoping i get signed to his label someday and hopefully get to perform with him. Now that would be a dream come true! *sigh*

I'm such a big fan of Steve Aoki, he may just be my cousin from another muffin. I feel the connection through his music and an odd eternal connection through Benihana's (Thanks, Papa Aoki!). I just know this amazing prize pack will make Steve and I that much closer.

I had the chance to see AOKI at EDC awhile back.  My girlfriend was tired and wanted to sit.  GF gone now I want to see AOKI.  I <3 bacon.

I'm a big fan of Mr. Aoki, his music veered me to the EDM culture. It would be an honor if I won and attended his show.

B/c it awesome prize pack!  Plus I need some great quality headphones!

Steve Aoki's mentality is so incredible - this prize pack would seriously help me embody his spirit!

I missed Aoki at electric zoo and I need to relive his awesomeness through this prize!!

Because the show is happening on the day I turn 22 and seeing Aoki for the first time would make my birthday unforgettable!

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