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Stream: Chris Brown Reveals New Track Produced by Lukas Hilbert and Co-Produced by Showtek and David Jost

Listen: Chris Brown Reveals New Track Produced By Showtek

Can’t say that I’m a Chris Brown fan in the slightest. I like to consider myself open minded to all genres of music, but R&B not so much—especially the current state of things. Between the cheesy beats and over-the-top shallow lyrics (dudes rap-singing about sex and the club—in autotune no less), the genre has been on a downward spiral for a while now.  It’s like the sonic equivalent of a cheap microwaveable pizza.

While this new Brown track may go over big with EDM culture fans, I just don’t see the appeal. It’s interesting from a Showtek fan point of view, tho, as it clearly shows the Dutch duo expanding their sonic palate. Have a listen below. The stream is rather annoying as you’re forced to listen to the radio personalities over most of the song. Though I got enough to know it’s not for me.

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Very curious to hear what you peeps think about this… leave a comment below.

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