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Stream: James Curd & Morgan Phalen “Out Of The Cage”

Stream: James Curd & Morgan Phalen “Out Of The Cage”

Longtime James Curd fan here, pretty much since he and Nick Maurer (aka the Greens Keepers) dropped their debut EP “What's Your Man Got To Do With Gan?” via Derrick Carter's Classic Recordings. “Low and Sweet” is a fun ass tune, as is “Bang In Your Face.” Anywho…the topic at hand.

“Out Of The Cage” is the first time James Curd and Morgan Phelan (he worked with Justice as a vocalist on their Audio Video Disco LP and in the band Diamond Nights, signed to Kemado Records) have gotten together to make music and they're coming out the gate strong. The two met while Curd was in Los Angeles playing music supervisor for the film Crush…Yada yada yada, Curd worked together with Phalen in his studio for six months and then they went to Australia and wrote more. The two track EP comes with remixes from nu disco Neighbour (Jalapeno, Homebreakin, Kolour, Punch Out) and Kurt & Russell for "Out Of The Cage," as well as the single “Making It Allright.” Look for the EP on Dec 3rd via Greenskeepers Music.

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This is the first look at the fruits of their labor and are told there's plenty more to come. Stay tuned.

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