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Stream: The Bug's Acid Ragga Series via Ninja Tune

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A new addition to The Bug's 7" Acid Ragga series is coming soon. Ninja Tune just posted up the new track "Hardcore Lover" feat. Warrior Queen along with the previous releases in the Acid Ragga series.

Stream: The Bug's Acid Ragga Series via Ninja Tune

If you're not familiar, The Bug is producer Kevin Martin who we have throughly enjoyed over the years. Be it as the Bug or one of his many monikers: King Midas Sound, Techno Animal/Ice/God (with Justin Broadrick of Godflesh/Jesu), Razor X Productions (with The Rootsman & various M.C’s), Pressure, Ladybug. In addition to getting down under different guises, he's also the man behind Pathological Records, compiler of various compilations for Virgin Records (Macro Dub Infection, Jazz Satellites), production work/collaborations with noise-jazz outfit 16-17, Pete “Sonic Boom” Kemper’s E.A.R projects, John Zorn, Kevin Shields, El-P, and Anti Pop Consortium, to name just a few. Has provided bass booming remixes for Grace Jones, Thom Yorke, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Primal Scream, Einsturzende Neubauten, Stina Nordenstam, Dalek, Two Fingers, Beastie Boys, etc… needless to say, Kevin Martin is a credible sonic survivalist and not some come lately producer.

The Acid Ragga series is leading up to the next Bug album proper Angels & Devils. Names that The Bug is working with on the project, in addition to Inga Copeland and Daddy Freddy include Death Grips, Gonjasufi, Grouper, JK Flesh (Godflesh/Jesu), The Spaceape, Flowdan + Warrior Queen.

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