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Stream: Trapmasters "Gorilla Juice" EP via Boysnoize Records

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Stream: Trapmasters EP via Boysnoize Records

Who are Trapmasters? That's a damn good question that we're not really sure how to answer… so we'll let Mr. Boys Noize do the talking since he's the man putting out their music.

The only thing I can tell about this new terror group from Hamburg is that, one night I walked into Hamburgs most famous tiny Golden Pudel Club, birth place of many great underground talents since 1988. It was a night called iLL and I heard a young kid starting to play his set at like 5 in the morning, opening with a track that totally blew away my mind. Until this point I have never heard of anything close to that. A beat that was so minimal and so phat but weird and rocking at the same time, I walked up to him and asked what it was and the DJ returned to me saying it was his own new beat. -Boys Noize

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Look for the Trapmasters EP on December 3rd via Boysnoize Records. Have a listen below… we've officially have our eye on this Hamburg based wizard.

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