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The Outspoken Deadmau5 Gets Blunt During The Futuresound Conference In San Francisco

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Joel Zimmerman sat down with Bill Werde (the editorial director of Billboard) during the FutureSound conference in San Francisco and had a few choice words about the state of EDM culture. Have a watch. Some of the better things to come out of Joel Zimmerman’s mouth:

The way I see EDM right now, its a healthy industry for sure. Minimal work for maximum profit, right?

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Burn all electronic music down, I dont care. At the end of the day, scenes dont evolve. Scenes are scenes. Theyre there and then theyre not.

Today its more artist driven, more about the producer as opposed to the guy who can string some tunes together. Its no longer a technological feat to string some tunes together.

Theres no electronic music scene that has just kind of done all this or done all that. Otherwise DJ Sneak would be doing really cool shit right now.

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