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Watch: ‪Art Department‬ On Tour With Onebeat

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Watch: ‪Art Department‬ On Tour With Onebeat

Admit it: you're EDM culture loving self has fantasized about going on tour with your favorite DJ. Whether it's the music, the traveling, or the partying, you've wanted to see what DJs actually do the 22 hours a day they're not spinning on stage. Cue OneBeat's On Tour video series. Each episode follows DJs from gig to gig, documenting what they eat, where they stay and how they travel. The latest On Tour video chronicles Art Department, which is comprised of Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White. Viewers travel with the duo through Montreal, San Francisco and Los Angeles. OneBeat also interviews other DJs, like Rob Garza from Thievery Corporation, and asks them what they think of Glasgow and White. To see Art Department shopping, going to Jack in the Box, and getting hammered, check out OneBeat's video below.

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