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Watch: Turntablism At Its Finest—Meet C2C


If you're not already up on French beatmasters, C2C, their US six-song digital EP debut "Down The Road" is as good a place to start as any. It comes out on October 3  in the US through Casablanca Records. A new name to most American ears, the group have been gaining recognition in Europe's electronic music scene for some time. High school buddies, 20Syl, Greem, Pfel and Atom have been at it since 1998. They went on to claim four DMC world DJ championships from 2003-2006—four years in a row in no small doing. In 2006 they took a four-year break to pursue outside projects, Hocus Pocus and Beat Torrent. Although they never stopped working on each others projects, the group officially reunited to begin working on their first album in 2011. Now in their thirties, the group’s tastes and technicalities have matured. Having dominated DJ competitions time after time, their goal is to devise a brand new way to create and perform music. They feature an extensive list of live instrument samples: strings, brass, guitar, bass, keys, etc., often played on vintage equipment to capture the seventies sound they love.

If you've ever had reservation about the "art" of turntablism, that two simple turntables could be used as instruments, C2C deliver a highly technical and finely tuned combination of electro, soul, and hip-hop in perfect cut up harmony.

We hope they catch on quickly in the US. It’s nothing short of refreshing to hear their unique sounds and feel their electrifying technicality.

Check out some videos of them performing:

C2C "F-U-Y-A"

C2C "Down The Road"

C2c "Down The Road" (HIFANA Live Remix)

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Stream the entire "Down The Road" EP from their Soundcloud page here

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Side note: Doing what album art is suppose to do (read: grab your freaking attention), the cover for Tetra is about as attention grabbing as it gets. The photo was part of a series of images by Taiwanese photographer Chien Wang Yang. Here's some of the other shots...



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