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Xmas Want: M-100 by V-MODA


Xmas Wants: M-100 by V-MODA

I haven’t had the opportunity to take a pair of these V-Moda headphones for a test drive, but the folks at CNET are thoroughly impressed: “The sound was remarkably open and spacious, a rare feat.” And if I’m being blunt, there aren’t many reputable sources when it comes to reviews of this nature (more often than not it’s basically a press release being passed off as a review), so CNET giving props hold weight.

If you pre-order the M-100 or any Crossfade on now through midnight EST Friday, November 30 you’ll receive a set of $20 Faders VIP Tuned Earplugs, an extra set of personalized shields and free shipping (in the continental US). The M-100 will ship within 14 days.

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For the full rundown on the specs and features go here.

Xmas Wants: M-100 by V-MODA

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