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Al Walser—EDM Culture's Number 1 Joker. Sorry Avicii, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia And The Rest Of The Nominees



The more this Al Walser Grammy thing sets in the further it gets up my craw. If you're at all curious about who he says he is, his bio is below. Before I you read that, tho, watch these and make up your own mind.


Al Walser is an alround international entertainment mogul , CEO of US Record Label Cut The Bull entertainment and owner of publishing house " Amiville ". Amiville's most recent placement has been his song " Trendsetter " for US TV Hitseries " BEVERLY HILLS 90210 " .He's also a regular on some of the world's most popular reality and tv shows and currently stars in his own tv show. " The Secret King of Dance Radio " is also host and producer of the World's most listened syndicated Dance Countdown show. " Al Walser's Weekly Top 20 " which is broadcast weekly in over 50 countries on FM stations worldwide. Al Walser currently resides in Hollywood, CA - USA. In an era when just about anyone can try to be DJ, Al Walser excels at providing the show and soundtracks to the nights you won't simply remember, but never forget. Known to destroy the dance floor in his space suit while performing his DJ sets, he catches the party go-ers Ears and Eyes. ELECTRO/HOUSE/DANCE with a Splash of Rock is what he defines himself, Sleepless nights, Hard Work, & DEDICATION shows through his work & LIVE performances. He can either be hard or HARDER. He is a DJ/Artist, young Hollywood mogul who takes the dance floor by the balls and grips it there until the crowd begs for submission. Al Walser expresses this being through music, energy, passion, and style. He acts to make people react.Born to Perform.

"Just standing in the club, waving your hands to the crowd while mixing records is not going to fly any longer", Al Walser responds in a recent interview for Billboard magazine."I've been Dj'ing all my life, back in the days even as radio dj, but then I was fortunate enough to tour the world at a very young age as a chart topping performer,singer, mc and then started getting more into production. My Dj sets might look unique to the outside, but really are just an organic progression of what I've been doing all my life. "

Further Biographical notes:
Just as most citizens from his native country the " Principality Of Liechtenstein " , Al was born in Switzerland, in the city of Lausanne - the same day the first Mac Computer was sold on july 16th . He's famous for using elements in his shows such as the talkbox and keytars . In 2005 Al Walser was awarded the European Prize for his cultural trenscending achievements in the music industry by the European Economic Institue. For culturally enriching the Los Angeles Community and bridging his native country Liechtensteins business sectors to California, Los Angeles Sherif Lee Bacca awarded Al Walser for his Goodwill Ambassador work.

His career started winning several Karaoke competitions in Switzerland. When Radio Liechtenstein was founded in 1995, then teenager Al Walser became the first native based Radio personality. After his radio stint he joined the Hamburg based Pop Group Fun Factory with whom he travelled throughout the world. One of the many hit songs " Party With Fun Factory " became Japans most played Dance song for the late 90's also topping Japan's ZIP 100 charts. As a member of the legendary team 33 production team in Hamburg, Al Walser featured, wrote and produced also projects from producer Dieter Bohlen. The hit song " Kids In America " from Touche was one of the chart songs that featured Al Walser. Other projects included 2 Eivissa and a 1 year solo tour with Berlin based radio station JAM FM.Today, Al Walser is CEO of Cut The Bull Entertainment who's first artist is German teeny pop sensation Joelina Drews, the daughter of legendary singer Juergen Drews. Further artists are, " A Nice Vibe " (with over 600'000 fb fans counting ) and sexiest Dj's alive the " Glamour Girls ".

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Now ask yourself is Al Walser the biggest joke ever? Does this guy deserve to be nominated with these guys?

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