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Angelo Patino-Patroni From PeaceTreaty's Top 5 Tunes I Can't Live Without

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Angelo Patino-Patroni From PeaceTreaty's Top 5 Tunes I Can't Live Without

Angelo Patino is one-half of the duo that is PeaceTreaty. Josh Anaya and Angelo Patroni began working together in 2010 and so far so great. Angelo's musical background and Josh's technical knowledge makes for a successful pairing, indeed. Now signed to Dim Mak Records, the two have wasted no time in dishing out some tasty tunes. As a little holiday treat, the two gifted their fans a free download from PeaceTreaty, Hot Mouth and Chris James. You can get that at the bottom of this post as well as the Magnus and Timon remix of their "In Time" tune featuring Anabel Englund.

1. John Mayer "Neon"

Some of the best song writing Ive heard..this guy is one of the reasons why I play and write music…this album and song had a huge impact on me.

2. Jimmy Eat World "Polaris"

One of my favorite bands and this song got me through a tough period in my life…the progression in the track is amazing. Always let it play out when it comes on shuffle.

3. Third Eye Blind "Motorcycle Driveby"

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Another one of my favorite bands of all time this song just shows how talented they are and the lyrics are perfect. The uplifting feel and vibe of the overall track can be just what you need to hear to bring you back to reality.

4. Person L "The Positives"

This album was on repeat at one point in my life and it was a crazy time period where a lot of influential and amazing moments happened to me and Im thankful for it.

5. The Faint "Glass Dance"

The first song that got me into electronica and gave me a chance to rediscover my love for electronic music.. this is one of those songs that skipped on the burned cds we all used to make because it was played so many times.

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