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Boiler Room Is At The Forefront Of Underground Electronic Music

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Boiler Room touched down in Los Angeles about six months ago bringing its eclectic mix of underground electronic music to Sothern California. Working with some of the best Los Angeles based EDM culture collectives; Boiler Room has expanded its brand to the sunshine state. Boasting a huge list of amazing artists, Boiler Room is at the forefront of underground electronic music.

At the center of that push is head honcho of Boiler Room Los Angeles Sofie Fatouretchi. We had a nice quick chat on the phone about brining Boiler Room to Los Angeles and what they are all about. As Head of Boiler Room, Sofie can be thanked for some of the most amazing artists and collectives that have been featured in the short time that Boiler Room has called Los Angeles home. Having deep roots in Los Angeles and being a DJ herself, Sofie brings a new perspective to the Boiler Room movement.

Below we chatted about Wednesday’s 12 hour Peanut Butter Wolf extravaganza and its sure-to-be happening after party as well as the future of Boiler Room in Los Angeles. We also chatted about their new more rock based show “Boiler Room Studio Sessions” and their plans on working with Thom Yorke next year.

I feel like in LA it is kind of like a melting pot of what’s going on musically…and I hope that we can just be a platform to showcase that for the rest of the world.

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Sofie Fatouretchi speaks...

Can you tell me a little bit about Boiler Room setting up shop in Los Angeles?

It kind of moved here pretty spontaneously. Boiler Room actually came to LA because they did a Stones Throw event in February 2012. I work for Stones Throw and I DJ at events as well and that is how our relationship came about. They were like, “we would really like you to run the show for us in Los Angeles,” and I was like sure and it just evolved from there. At the very beginning we did events about once a month, it was not like it was a very regular thing. It evolved into a twice a month thing and now recently we have been doing events multiple times a week. For example, this week we have three shows. It has become a regular thing but all within the past year.


What do you look for in an artist when booking them for your Los Angeles events?

Well that is a tough question because I do not want to say anything to offend anybody, but in general it is as much original music that we can find. We try to feature smaller collectives that are doing really big things like the MOD Music crew and then you know classic LA artists. It represents whoever is down and also whoever brings their own sense of originality to the show and who we think is a good fit. But in terms of genre, there is definitely no discrimination. Of course it started as an electronic music show and now is definitely becoming something different. For example we just had BADBADNOTGOOD perform yesterday. We are really trying to expand our different formats to work with a lot of different artists in different genres.


How do the artists you book for Los Angeles differentiate from the artists Boiler Room books around the world?

A lot of the time there will be a local focus. We have a lot of people who play who are based in LA. For instance the Body High crew or Flying Lotus and the Low End Theory crew are some that we have showcased in the past. It is sort of a mix between trying to showcase what is going on locally but trying to bring that with a global message essentially. We do have a lot of local collectives that bring their own vibe. Berlin has their own vibe that is a lot more techno and house based. I feel like in LA it is kind of like a melting pot of what’s going on musically, which is also very representative of how LA is. Like we just had Dublab do a show last month. You know LA is very versatile when it comes to music and I hope that we can just be a platform to showcase that for the rest of the world.

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About the events, do you give the artist entire creative freedom or do you kind of have an idea of what you would like to do with the artist? For instance, the Peanut Butter Wolf 12-hour set from his house today-how does something like that come together?


Well you know it matters creatively what the artist wants to bring to the table. A lot of the times we will have artists that want to collaborate with us because we are such a huge platform. We have such a solid audience of people globally and the exposure is just really big. So if you have a project that you want to showcase and share with the world musically, Boiler Room is definitely the place to do it. We are doing something with Thom Yorke in 2013. We are going to follow him on various tour spots. We tend to like do a lot of collaborative things with artists. We are trying to give them a home to showcase what they have going on at the moment.

He is going to be in his living room surrounded by his records…I think it is really as personal as a DJ can get with his fans; playing your record collection for 12 hours.

So tell me a little bit about what we can expect from the 12-hour Peanut Butter Wolf set today?

The 12-hour broadcast is actually going to be pretty crazy. He has an amazing record collection. He is one of the world’s best DJs and he has an immense record collection. He is going to be in his living room surrounded by his records and he is going to be DJing for 12 hours which I think is quite a feat. It is going to be only vinyl pulled from his collection. Really it is an amazing chance for viewers to brows-so to say -through his records and see what he has got in store. I think it is really as personal as a DJ can get with his fans; playing your record collection for 12 hours.

What is going to go down at the after party? (Open to the public)


The after party is 12 different DJs doing sets with all 12-inches at Low End Theory. That should be really fun and we look forward for all you people to come out. He has done a number of these series so far; it all started with 6-6-6. He has kept doing different things for this series. I feel like doing it with Low End Theory and doing it at their place is a really good way to end it. (Authors note, Peanut Butter Wolf has been putting on some sort of special event every year starting with 06/06/2006. Hence the event on 12/12/12/.)

One last question, what is in store in 2013 for Boiler Room in Los Angeles?

Well we have a lot of really excited stuff in store. We just premiered a new format of the show a few days ago; it is called “The Boiler Room Studio Sessions.” Yesterday was the trial run experience for us, but essentially what that format is meant to do is have bands play and bring out guests that they will be hanging out with and performing music for, but in a studio environment. So that will give us the opportunity to branch out a little in terms of bands and showcasing different acts that are not necessarily just DJs. It is essentially like a TV show. We will engage with the viewer and it is presenter led. Then we have a bunch of interesting takeovers that I cannot really disclose at the moment. I can’t actually say who is going to be performing for a lot of them but I am really excited.

Thanks Sofie for taking the time to talk to us at Magnetic and good luck with your event today...

Head over to Low End Theory tonight for a show that is sure to be amazing.

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