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Cuba Hates Reggaeton—It’s About Time

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Cuba Hates Reggaeton—It’s About Time

Never been a fan of the bastardized sounds of hip-hop, reggae and Latin beats otherwise known as reggaeton and apparently Cuba has had enough of the crap as well. They’re cracking down and taking names by way of fines. Radio and television stations are also under pressure to drop the genre. The idea of a government getting ride of a genre—no matter how crappy it is—seem a bit over the top. Plus, I don’t see Miami radio changing its format (pretty sure Cuba can tune in to Miami stations), so there’s that.

"We are not just talking about reggaeton. There is vulgarity, banality and mediocrity in other forms of music too," the Cuban Music Institute boss Vistel told the official Granma newspaper. "But it is also true that reggaeton is the most notorious.”

"On the one hand there are aggressive, sexually obscene lyrics that deform the innate sensuality of the Cuban woman, projecting them as grotesque sexual objects. And all that is backed by the poorest quality music."

"Measures that have been adopted range from professional disqualification of those who violate ethics in their work to the levying of severe sanctions against those who from official institutions encourage or permit these practices," said Vistel. "We are in the process of purging music catalogues with the aim of eradicating practises that, in their content, stray from the legitimacy of Cuban popular culture."

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You can read the full article via The Guardian here.

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