Event Recap: Boys Noize "Out of The Black" Tour at Hollywood Palladium

Event Recap: Boys Noize "Out of The Black" Tour at Hollywood Palladium

A couple weeks ago, German EDM artist, Alex Ridha who goes by stage name Boys Noize, embarked on his "Out of The Black" tour, which features songs off of his new album by the same title. His conclusion to the tour was on Saturday, December 15th at the Hollywood Palladium, a favorite venue of many EDM fans. Ridha made it clear on Twitter that he would not be simply DJing. This is a concert, and he was going to play live perched atop the custom skull DJ booth he had designed for this tour.

Event Recap: Boys Noize "Out of The Black" Tour at Hollywood Palladium

Boys Noize had a few openers for his performance that included Delivery, Strip Steve, LE1F, and the elusive UZ. I didn’t catch the first three acts but made sure I made it on time to see UZ, who I have been obsessed with ever since his performance at Hard Day of the Dead. The anonymous trap artist, who has been teasing the EDM community with his masked identity, dropped hit after hit of “real trap shit,” including Foreign Beggars collaboration Goon Bags, and gLAdiator’s Scaley.

After UZ’s set the crowd lingered in anticipation as the crew set up the stage for Ridha. As I stood there cooling off and preparing myself for Boys Noize I listened to the amount of chatter and buzz around me. “I’ve never seen Boys Noize before,” said one person. “This is my second time seeing him!” said another. HA, were they in for a treat. I have seen the Noize enough times to know what was coming would blow any other performance of his out of the water. If Ridha was excited enough about this tour to hype it up like he did, it would be epic.

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Finally the moment I had been waiting months for came, BOYS NOIZE!!! He opened with “This is What You Want,” which was a little predictable being the first track off Out of the Black. I knew the night would be filled with only his music being a concert and not a DJ set, but part of me was expecting him to play only songs off his new album. I was pleasantly surprised when he went straight into his oldies (but oh so goodies) and rocked the crowd with tracks we have known and loved for years, well at least some of us have known them for years. It comforted me to know that the new comers would be able to experience these older tracks live in a proper concert setting. What I loved most about this particular performance was his seem-less marriage of his old and new tracks. Ridha perfectly blended old songs, such as “Frau” with new songs, such as “Missile.” I’ve been following Boys Noize for years and never tire of those classic songs such as “& Down” and “My Moom My Man.” He wove back and forth between old and new to satisfy long time fans, but still kept it fresh.

Once he got going there was no stopping. He never gave the audience time for a breather. There was no ambient vocal breakdown or time for rest. He was the master and we were his minions. He wanted us to dance and there was no fighting him on it. It’s difficult not to dance hard, and I mean HARD, to the pounding bass of Boys Noize. This is a man who knows exactly what kind of effect he has on his audience and took full advantage of our vulnerability. We were at his mercy for a sweaty and exhausting, but oh so satisfying hour and a half.

So to wrap it up, Boys Noize brought it once again, exceeding my expectations (which were already high). Bravo Alex Ridha, you made a lot of people incredibly happy that night.

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