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Event Recap: React Presents R3hab, Steve Aoki and 12th Planet at Congress Theater

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Last week Chicago's favorite promoters, React Presents threw another huge party at Congress Theater, featuring some of the biggest DJs in the scene. The lineup included R3hab, Steve Aoki, and 12th Planet to finish. The night was completely packed for the three festival headliners.

R3hab, who has became known for his radio remixes for names like No Doubt, Enrique Inglesias, Madonna, Jay Sean and Usher to name a few. The dutch producer is a great way to start off a night. He comes complete with high energy and big drops, perfectly opening for the one and only party man himself, Steve Aoki.

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Aoki has solidified himself as one of the best DJs currently performing. Not because of his remixes or original tracks or even his mixing capabilities. You don't go to see Steve Aoki, instead you go to party with Steve...seriously.

Chicago would be no different. Nevermind the basslines and tracks he dropped because attention was on what he would do next. From jumping off of balconies to throwing cakes to crowd surfing in a raft and don't forget the champaign showers.

It had seemed that night was ending with the final minutes of Aoki's set but the end was not near. Aoki proudly introduced the next performer, 12th Planet. Chicago welcomed 12th with open arms, cheers of joy and screams from the superfans.

Premiering his newest EP, "The End Is Near," in front of a packed Congress Theater was how his set played out. Of course throwing in some of the classics including "All I Ask Of You" and about every other face melting bass song. With a very similar style to Skrillex, 12th is developing as one of the premiere bass acts to see.

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