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Free Download: Blu Mar Ten “From the Vaults Vol. 11” Jungle Mix from 1995

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Calling all drum & bass and jungle heads, the one and only Blu Mar Ten are digging through the vaults and pulling out some classic mixes from 1992 and 1997. Apparently they found a whole bunch of mixes and are in the process of ripping the cassettes to MP3. Given the years these mixes were done the sound quality isn’t great as they were all recorded on belt drive decks through a mixer with no EQ and committed to cassette on a shabby home stereo…But what the hell, it’s 100% authentic ‘90s sound through and through. DJ Hype, Ed Rush, Nico, Good Looking, Moving Shadow, Trouble On Vinyl, Stretch & Teebone, Shy FX, Formation and Intalex to name but a few of the key beat-makers and imprints of that time.

Free Download: Blu Mar Ten “From the Vaults Vol. 11” Jungle Mix from 1995

If you’re digging this mix, go here to get more “From the Vaults” mixes.

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