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Free Download: Droog "Verboten Transmissions"

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Free Download: Droog "Verboten Transmissions"

East Coast, West Coast thing here. New Verboten Transmissions from the Droog peeps. For non New Yorkers, Verboten, as they break it down, "Began in reaction to the conservative, bottle service focused climate that had turned Manhattan nightlife into a shadow of its former self. The ongoing party series was dedicated to bringing musical credibility, professionalism and excitement back to a hand-picked selection of venues."

The Droog trio are headed to NYC this Friday to play with Blond:ish and Lee Curtiss at Highline Ballroom. If you missed our feature on Droog you can have a read here and here.

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BTW, this Verboten Transmissions was recorded live at our massive Rebel Rave in September. Enjoy the free download.

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