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Free Download: Gomma Podcast #85—Munk "Hot Port Funk Mix Part 2"

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Free Download: Gomma Podcast #85—Munk "Hot Port Funk Mix Part 2"

Heavy heavy set here. This is one of the rare Munk “Anti House” mixtapes. 100% old, rare, bizarre and crazy music from the '60s and '70s. The podcast was originally made for Mike Simonetti’s Italians Do It Better blog last year, but luckily for us the Gomma camp has decided to spread it again.

Mathias Modica (that's Munk) has been buying vinyl since his early teen days. He says “..after 15.000 vinyls he stopped counting.” Sometimes he goes through his collection and makes a mix with his best loved sounds. If you are open for some time tripping—you gonna love it too: Starting with rare Zappa, Canadian Psych-Rock by Marshmahkan, New Orleans Funk from The Meters going through more '70s drug music by Connif Thyself, German Kraut by Popul Vuh and obscure LSD bands from South Germany, late '70s Proto electronics and other great soundtracks available only on impossible to find vinyl.

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