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Free Download: "Gotta Get A Taxi Home!" Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco One For The Road Edit via Disco Deviance

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Evian Christ

If you're a DJ operating in the deeper side of house and disco, the Disco Deviance imprint is no doubt responsible for some of the weight in your record box. If you're not up on the label, this is what they do—the "re-edit"—and as you can hear they do it damn well.

"We aim to produce beautifully mastered and specially reworked versions, or re-edits, of tracks for DJ use. We love the music and try to keep it alive."

And we love for you for doing what you. Keep it coming in 2013. So here you go, one of the biggest hits of the year gets the treatment from Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco. Guaranteed to rock any office party or Santa's Grotto...

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And just because here's some other recent treats from their Soundcloud page. Happy holidays…

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