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Free Download: "It's Not The End Of The World" Mix

Free Download: "It's Not The End Of The World" Mix

December 21st, 2012: The day we celebrate the blunder of a bunch of primordial, half-naked, feather wearing dimwits, the birth of Snooki’s child and the extraordinary amount of social media spam we are all currently receiving in our inbox that'll no doubt continue over the course of the weekend. Get ready to post your best "end of the world"  Facebook status folks, because “Doomsday” is officially upon us! Or not.

To celebrate our long lives into the future; over the course of the week, Magnetic Magazine asked some of our favorite DJs/producers one question:

"If the Mayan 2012 prophecy were in fact true, pick one electronic music song/artist (other than yourself) that you would happily listen to as the world comes to an end."


Using the song recommendations we received from all the various artists, we picked thirteen of our favorite tracks which were compiled together in an awesome DJ mix by LA-based up and comer Dan0nisis for you to get your end of the world party weekend started with the array of events happening around the world. Also, check out Dan0nisis's other productions and DJ sets!

Presenting (insert awkward Skrillex talk box accompanied with drumroll here)... our "It's Not Really The End Of The World Mix" (I guarantee you will be hooked to in the first 30 seconds!) and all the other sounds that need to make it in your essential, for your last day on earth, playlist.

First up, tech-house queen, Nicole Moudaber: "It's a 'new beginning of the end.' That's what I think 2013 is about, a new era, an evolution of our revolution. So more house and techno for me in this case—I will power through with Nathan Barato."


If Im gonna be in an underground bunker, as the world is burning/falling apart/imploding around me, I wanna be dancing. And I wanna be dancing to the most bunker-friendly techno track around. So give me this no-nonsense, floor-shaking piece from Blawan on repeat, and let the world end. Swedish sensation, Bam Spacey

Belgian production duo, Mumbai Science: "Brodinski! He is still our favorite DJ! If we have to die I want to go out dancing! He always gets the vibe right so if there's one DJ up for the task, it has to be him. Last track of the night has to be 'The End' by The Doors. We all gather around in a big circle hug and start singing. Then, after the last notes fade into silence, and darkness falls upon us, we will chant our last words. 'ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG.'"

The original Don, Don RiminiWorld 2 World "Amazon" (Underground Resistance)


"This is a true epic, emotional and mythical track. I've probably listened to this song one million times. I love the arrangements. It can definitely be played as  an 'end of the world' record. This track is like someone telling a story or a tale . It begins with chirping birds during the intro, then a great crescendo chords line that brings power to the song and is mesmerizing. Finally, the outro suggests an alternative or fun approach, it could mean 'the end of the world is not quite for now.' From world 2 world... with love… aahhaah"

Computer Love by Kraftwerk. I used to listen to this song over and over again as a kid.  It has a great groove, but also this serene quality to it that calms me down. If it was all coming to an end, I think Id like to be in a peaceful state of mind. -Andy Miccolis of Infernal Devices

Size record heavyweights, AN21 & Max Vangeli: Sebastian Tellier & Queen. "Sorry... I couldn't resist."

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If theres anyone Id trust to prepare my soul for the next dimension, it would have to be Nutritious.  When it comes to soul, hes got the market cornered. -Charles Brix aka Higher Nebulae (SpinSpinNYC)

Third Party's pick: "Sky and Sand" by Paul + Fritz Kalkbrenner

Faded Paper Figures: Depeche Mode Music for the Masses.

Tim Mason: Chemical Brothers "Star Guitar"

Bromance Record's head-honcho, Brodinski picks Marco Bernardi "Emotionle Part 1"

New York based / LA favorite, Junior Sanchez: "Anything Prince—pre 'New Power Generation.'"

"I'd have to go with Ben Frost 'Reyja.' Can't take the apocalypse too lightly." -Albert Swarm

Mark Farina picks "Move Love" (JT Donaldson Edit) by Robert Glasper Experiment feat. King. Be sure to catch Mark as he takes control of the decks this Saturday in LA at The Exchange with Derrick Carter!

Helado Negro "Window Licker" by Aphex Twin

Mason: Orbital "Illuminate"

Rone picks Matthew Jonson "Symphony For the Apocalypse" via Wagon Repair.

Finally, Random Soul's entry with a classic, "Porcelain" by Moby

As we wrap up the year and gear up for 2013, Magnetic Magazine would like to wish you happy holidays! May the raging and blasphemy continue for many more years to come!

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