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Free Download: Jaymo & Andy George "Podcast: 004" Moda

Free Download: Jaymo & Andy George "Podcast: 004" Moda

Wish I could say that I've been to a Moda party. Next time I find myself in the UK, it's on. Jaymo & Andy George (the men behind Moda) have built up quite the reputation over the last few years for their house music merrymaking events and ahead of the curve record selection. If you've caught any of their Radio 1 Essential Mixes, or heard their cover-mount CD for Mixmag or their releases via their Moda imprint (early supporters of emerging talent like Hot Since 82, Disclosure and Plezier all releasing via Moda Black), you and I are probably on the same page. The compilation Moda Black, mixed By Jaymo & Andy George came out earlier this year and is a good jumping off point if you're not yet up on these guys.

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