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Free Download: Mumbai Science Tapes #9, December 2012

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Free Download: Mumbai Science Tapes #9, December 2012

Here's the latest from Mumbai Science, a collection of tunes they've been feeling and playing out as of late. If you appreciate techno sliced with a bit of futuristic outer-space melodies and post mortem 909 grooves, you'll surely enjoy this one—it's what they do and they do it well. Enjoy the EDM download...

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The Belgian duo are gearing up for their 9th EP "Impact" due to drop January 14th via the Lektroluv imprint. This time, the guys pitch their work as

...a dark, apocalyptic journey, echoing themes of inner conflict, moral tribulation and regret.

How ever you wanna slice it, "Impact" is powerful and definitely lives up to its name. The EP comes complete with remixes from John Roman, the Toronto based "wunderkind" whose track "Petrified" was given praise by the likes of Tiga, Brodinski and other sophisticated people who know their shit. The other remix is delivered by proper legends Cisco Ferreira and Ricardo Rodriguez, better known as The Advent & Industrialyzer.

BTW, if you missed Mumbai Science's "Unite" EP via Lektroluv Records you can pick it up here.

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