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Free Download: Reso & DK Solid Steel Radio Show Part 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

Free Download: Reso & DK Solid Steel Radio Show Part 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

Solid Steel is getting a little laid back this week with Reso. His music has been featured regularly on the Solid Steel show and ripped up dancefloors across the world, but this mix embraces another side, which you can also glimpse on his new album Tangram on Civil Music. It’s a gentle start with Caspian, Basic Channel from 94 and classic Steve Reich with Electric Counterpoint. Then it’s lush keys from Herbie Hancock, ambient tones from the Solaris soundtrack and an emotional cut from The Invisible. It’s a soulful turn with Amel Larrieux, then picking up with Fracture, Mark System and Three Trapped Tigers, before closing with Leatherette and Susumu Yakota.

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Caspian “Reprise” (Dopamine)
Basic Channel “Radiance II” (Basic Channel)
Steve Reich “Electric Counterpoint” (Elektra Nonesuch)
They Live “Horizonta” (Exit)
Herbie Hancock “Butterfly” (Columbia)
Kiln “Amethyst” (Division Sound)
Cliff Martinez “Maybe You're My Puppet” (Edel)
The Invisible “The Stain” (Ninja Tune)
Amel Larrieux “Sweet Misery” (Epic)
Fracture , Mark System “Yeah, But” (Subtitles)
Three Trapped Tigers “7” (Blood and Biscuits)
Lymbyc Systym “Kubrick” (Mush)
Ceephax “Cop'76” (Firstcask)
Letherette “Eye to Eye” (Ho Te)
Chameleon “Links” (Good Looking)
Susumu Yakota “Saku” (The Leaf Label)

DK continues hour 2 in a similar vein with Stubborn Heart and up into quality house from Broke One, Eddie Niguel and Uffe, before launching into the classic Jazzanova remix for Ian Pooley. Then it’s time to bounce on over to Columbia via Africa with the Fela inspired Wganda Kenya and Peru with Paco Zambrano. It’s new music from Jets and more from Letherette and DK pay respect to the two lost talents of Offshore and Austin Peralta RIP, ending with sublime Ira Sullivan and George Duke.

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Stubborn Heart “Interpol” (One Little Indian)
Broke One “Polygons And Soda” (unknown)
Eddie Niguel “Paths” (The Midnight Shift)
Uffe “SOMETHING WRONG” (Tartelet)
Ian Pooley “What's your number” (Jazzanova remix) (V2)
Wganda Kenya “Shakalaode” (Analog Africa)
Jeedo “Make it Boom” (Spills)
Paco Zambrano “Meshkalina” (Tiger's Milk)
Jets “Mue” (Leisure System)
Letherette “Surface” (Ninja Tune)
Offshore “East Coast Capital Connect” (Big Dada)
Austin Peralta “Lapis” (Motion)
Ira Sullivan “The kingdom within you” (Strings Attached)
George Duke “Feel” (MPS)

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