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Free Download: Snax Two Hour House Music Mix—Can You Feel It

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Free Download: Snax Two Hour House Music Mix—Can You Feel It

I was hooked on Captain Comatose (Snax and Can Oral) when I first heard them back in the early '00s. "$100" and "Up In Flames" are two fun tunes and I've been a fan of what each of these guys have done (albeit on their own now) ever since. Personally, it was just a great time for electronic music. The late '90s and early '00s was when I started to break away from my conform zone and look for new sounds, new DJ and producers that were doing things that I hadn't heard before. I found Optimo (still a personal favorite—hello How To Kill The DJ), Kaos, The Glimmers, Get Physical (their dozen or so releases were crazy good), Jamie Lidell, Mocky, Peaches, Justice, Trevor Jackson, Ivan Smagghe, I can go on and on. So anywho Snax, check him out. Guy has 3 full albums, 2 EPs and tons of remixes and collabs under his belt. He also heads up Random Records, home to his own music, plus that of his instrumental dirty doppelgänger, Tony Amherst.

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And this two hour mix he just posted up takes me back to what I was listening to when I discovered Captain Comatose. Hope you enjoy the free download as much as I have been. Love that it's titled Vol. 1. Hope he giddy-ups on number two...

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