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Hey DJs: Beatport Mixes Opens To Public, Upload Your Mixtapes Now and Earn Money

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Hey DJs: Beatport Mixes Opens To Public, Upload Your Mixtapes Now and Earn Money

Well this is big news for EDM culture loving types. Beatport just announced their “Mixes” platform is now open to the public, allowing you to upload, share and sell your mix. Yes sell. Beatport clears the usage rights to the songs included on behalf of the DJs who created them, compensating all parties involved—both the DJ and the rights-holders behind the songs used, including artists, songwriters, labels and publishers. So long as the mix was created using tracks acquired through the Beatport Music store. How awesome is that. Beatport has worked out deals with the tens of thousands of independent labels they currently work with and are negotiating similar rights with the majors too.

The site also offers a non-downloadable, full-length preview option which does not require tracks to be acquired through them. Any mix can also now be embedded for playback on websites and blogs, as well as shared to a user’s Facebook timeline.

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“Beatport Mixes was created to support, elevate and promote DJs working on stages as well as in bedrooms, including the thousands of DJs who have not yet generated recognition outside of their hometown or even their neighborhood,” said Beatport CEO Matthew Adell. “This includes DJs playing any kind of dance music—techno, house, hip-hop, moombahton and anything else. By putting their mixes alongside the superstar DJs that have already contributed mixes to the platform, we expect the result will be an avalanche of creativity from an exciting new generation of talent.”

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